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Username: Tech808

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Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2005 - 9:01 am:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


COPPER PART: #P03-01092


Complete Specifications, Modifications, and Non - Technical Review.


Lon ~ Tech808 ~ N9OSN ~ CEF808

General Specifications
Emission ModesAM/FM
Emission ModesAM / FM
Antenna Impedance50 ohm Unbalanced
Frequency ControlDigital Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
Frequency AccuracyBetter than +10ppm from 0-40°C after 15 min warm up.
Power Requirement12-13.8 V DC Negative Ground
Currant Consumption7 Amps Maximum
Dimensions7.75x2.5x10.75 in (WxHxD) Weight: 4 lbs

Transmitter Specifications
Power Output FM.............40 Watts
AM.................9 Watts Average / 45 Watts PEP
Final Transistors2SC1969 (x2)
Spurious EmissionsMore than 50 dB Below Peak Output Power.
Carrier SuppressionMore than 40 dB Below Peak Output Power.
Unwanted SidebandMore than 50 dB Below Peak Output Power (1 kHz tone).
FM Deviation+/- 2 kHz Maximum
Audio ResponseMore than 30dB Below Peak Output.
Frequency Response400 to 2800 Hz.
Microphone ImpedanceECM 600 to 1K ohms

Receiver Specifications
Circuit TypeDual-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies1st IF - 10.695MHz / 2nd IF - 455 kHz
SensitivityAM ~ 1.0 µV at 10 dB S + N/N ~ FM ~ 0.3 µV at 12dB SINAD
SelectivityAM / FM ~ 6.0 kHz (-6dB) / 18 kHz (-60 dB)
Clarifier Range+/- 2.5 kHz (Course)
Adjacent Channel RejectionBetter than 70dB for All Frequencies.
IF RejectionBetter than 80 bB for All Frequencies.
Frequency Response250 to 3000 Hz
Audio Output Power2 Watts Minimum at 10% THD with an 8 ohm load.
Audio Output Impedance8 ohms


The Magnum S6 is programmed for the 10 Meter Amateur Band out of the box, and covers a range of 28.065 - 28.525 MHz.

The frequency range can be extended for Export Use in 8 Band segments each containing 40 Channels. These 8 bands can be programmed to any combination of Eight 40 channel blocks between 25.615 - 30.555 MHz. The radio can also be programmed to cover all frequencies in 10 KHz or 5 KHz steps between 26.000 - 32.990 MHz. (See Programming Mode)

10 Meter Only Mode:

The default setting from the factory covers only 4 bands between 28.065 MHz - 28.525 MHz.

The jumper setting for this is JP1, JP2, JP3 = OFF and JP4 = ON.

Export Mode:

This mode is pre-set to 8 Bands between 25.615 MHz - 29.205 MHz.

The jumper setting for this mode is JP1 = ON JP2,JP3 = OFF JP4 = ON.

Power Must Be Reset To Activate Programming Mode!

Programming Mode:

This feature allows the radio to be setup into 8 separate bands, each individually programmed to cover any 40 channel segments you choose between 25.165 - 30.555 MHz. For instance, if you wanted Bands A and B to be setup to cover 25.165 - 26.055 MHz, Band C to be the CB Band 26.965 - 27.405 MHz, then Bands D, E, and F to cover 10 Meters at 28.315 - 29.655 MHz, the “Programming Mode” can be used to set this up.

Disconnect the wires from the power source after programming the unit to insure that the CPU (Computer) will reset properly.

Set the radio’s Band Selector to position A. Using 2 short bare wires, jump the pins of JP2 and JP4 (JP1 & JP3 = OFF) Notice that the Channel Display now indicates a letter A through L instead of the Channel number. Temporarily short the pins of JP1 on the Channel Board using another short wire. Notice that the Channel Display advances to the next Band Letter each time the pins of JP1 are shorted. Continue advancing the letters on the display until you see the desired band for Position A of the Band Selector. Move the Band selector to position B, and again short the jumper pins of JP1 until you see your choice for Band B. Repeat this for each of the 8 Band positions and when the last is done, move the Jumpers to this order to Lock them into Memory. JP1 = ON JP2, JP3 = OFF JP4 = ON

This radio is also capable of covering the entire frequency range between 26.000 MHz - 32.990 MHz in 10 KHz steps or in 5 KHz steps (10 KHz Front Panel = OFF) JP1 = ON JP2 = OFF JP3 - ON JP4 = OFF

Tune-Up / Power Tweaks

This Information can be found in the Modification List located in Tools on the Main Copper Forum Page!

Microphone Wiring
(For Both DOUBLE-BARRELL™ Microphone Jacks)

Pin #1 ~ Ground
Pin #2 ~ Microphone Audio
Pin #3 ~ Transmit
Pin #4 ~ Receive


At the time of my writing this Review I know of No Modifications for this radio.

Should any Modifications or Tips become available I will keep you updated.

Pros & Cons


* 45 Watt, AM/FM/PA 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver.

* Computer Controlled PLL and 8 Band Selector.
(Each of the 8 Bands can be programmed independently.)

* High Quality PIHER pots on frequently used adjustments.

* BLUE LEDs for 6 Digit Frequency Counter and Channel Display.

* High Quality molded rear panel power connector. (Not a 2 piece low cost connector)

* DIM / COR Control.

(DIM: Continuously variable dimmer control for front panel lights and displays.)

(COR: (The clarifier shifts both the Transmitted and Receive frequency in all modes. The COR (course) tuning shifts a total of =/- 2.5 KHz)

* Blue LED Channel and Frequency Counter Display.

* Large Round Meter
BLUE LED Backlit and RED LED(TX).

* Variable Dimmer - Controls All Front Panel Lighting.

* Double-Barrel™ Microphone Inputs - Another Magnum Exclusive!

The S-6 features TWO 4-pin lock ring type, microphone inputs - Front Panel mounted and Right Side for co-pilot use. Double Barrel jacks allow simultaneous use of stock microphone and an aftermarket microphone.

* Variable Power Output Control - Operates in ALL Modes!

* TURBO™ Digital Echo with Dual Controls.

* AMT - All Mode Talkback with Volume Control on Front Panel
(Works on AM & FM Unlike most Export Radios that do not work on FM mode!)

* TOP GUN™ Modulator - A Magnum Exclusive! Turns the S-6's transmitter section into a modulator. With 1 watt carrier - swings to 45 watts with 100% modulation for unbelievable power.

* Top Gun™ Modulator On/Off Control on Front Panel.

* High SWR Warning Light with On/Off Control.
(This is an Automatic HIGH VSWR Warning Circuit than can be turned ON or OFF.)

* Roger Beep with On/Off Control.

(The Roger Beep Circuit mutes out going Roger Beep even when Talk Back is on!)

* +10kHz Switch
(In the 10 kHz position the frequency is shifted up 10kHz.)

* Large Ferrite Power Line Filter.

* Amplified Talk Back Circuit with Adjustable Volume Control.

* Microphone and RF Gain Controls.

* Noise Blanker / Noise Blanker +
(This is a nice feature that allows you to have the Noise Blanker OFF or ON and if you move it to the NB + position it will turn the Frequency Counter OFF and will only display the two digit Channel Display.)

* High Quality SO-239 Connector.

* High Quality Molded Rear Panel Power Connector.
(Unlike the Low Cost 2 part connectors on many export radios.)

* Large Heat Sink with underlying Metal Plate.
(Unlike small screw on heat sinks on other export radios.)

* FREE Limited Edition 'Old Glory' Extra Front Panel.

* FREE Schematic and Parts Layout Diagrams Included!

* 1-Year Factory Warranty
(And an Optional 2 or 3 Year Extended Warranty!)


* Would like to see the Front Panel Mic Connector moved to the Left side of the radio like on the S-9 models to allow more space for operation of the front panel controls.

* Would like to see the Roger Beep and Roger Beep Button eliminated.

* Would like to see the Antenna Warning Switch on the Rear panel of the radio completely eliminated and have the Antenna Warning Light Feature wired direct and "ON" all of the time.

This is a Major and Very Helpful Feature and one that should be standard and not an option with a switch.

* Would like to see Brighter lights installed in the Round Signal Meter for easier viewing when the Variable Dimmer Control is turned down.

Respectfully Submitted,