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P03-01095 PLF-10M Power Cord w/Filter

P03-01090 PLF-10C Power Cord w/Filter

Non-Technicial Review

By: Lon Tech808

Have you ever had those annoying problems with Engine Noise, Alternator Noise, Windshield Wiper Noise, or other pesky hard to trace Electrical Noise in your radios?

Well MAGNUM INTERNATIONAL has come to the Rescue!

The Magnum Filter Cord is engineered to eliminate alternator, ignation and other noise problems generated from your vehicle electrical systems, and also improve the radio's signal to noise ratio.

The PLF-10C / 3 Pin Power Plug is designed for use with most, Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Connex, Superstar, and Northstar Radios.

The PLF-10M (T) shaped Power Plug is designed for use with, Magnum, Millennium, and Compatible Radios

The packages of both the PLF-10C and the PLF-10M show that they are for use with radios with the Power Outputs of 30 watts or less.

However, I spoke with Mr. Sam Lewis (Owner) of Magnum International and he assured me that they were Tested and Approved for use with the New 50 watt radios that are on the market now.


Both the PLF-10C and the PLF-10M are designed to re-place the transceiver's stock power cord with a combination power cord and noise filter for improved performance and easy installation.

#1 ~ Turn off radio and disconnect the stock power cord.

#2 ~ The PLF-10C and PLF-10M both come standard with a 10 amp fuse. If your radio uses a fuse the is rated at less than 10 amps continue to step #3.

If your radio uses a fuse greater than 10 amps, DO NOT USE the PLF-10C or PLF-10M with your radio.

#3 ~ If your radio uses a fuse that is less than 10 amps, remove the fuse from the stock power cord and use it in place of the 10 amp fuse in the PLF-10C or PLF-10M.

#4 ~ Connect the wire-end of the PLF-10C or PLF-10M to the 12-13.8 volt DC power source that the stock power cord was disconnected from.

Connect the RED wire to the Positive (+) and the BLACK wire to the Negative(-).

#5 ~ Insert the T-Plug (PLF-10M) or the 3-Pin Plug (PLF-10C) into the radio's power jack.

#6 ~ Locate a suitable place to secure the PLF-10C or PLF-10M filter box. Use screws or a permanent mounting tape to secure the filter box to either the radio or vehicle.

Personal Experience / Use.

We have used both of the above MAGNUM Filter Cords now for well over 18 months in all of our vehicles.

Over the years I have tried many different brands of Noise Suppressors / Noise Filters and have never found any that compared to or even came close to the performance of these MAGNUM Filter Cords.

After installing these Filter Cords on our radios it completely eliminated all noise and interference from our Ford and GM vehicles.

I highly recommend the MAGNUM Filter Cord / Noise Filters for anyone who is experiencing any kind of noise problems from their vehicles.

The MAGNUM FILTER CORD is yet another Great Product From MAGNUM INTERNATIONAL for the Radio Enthusiast

Respectfully Submitted,