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Johnson Non Amplified Desk micKp2807-11-23  4:34 pm
Wanted: President Lioncoln ll+ V3 To Astatic D104M6B wiringDale7-16-22  12:28 pm
How to wire a Delta Electronic M2 to 4 Pin CobraMrnobody4-27-22  7:29 pm
Wiring a Workman DM502B Desk Microphone for the President Lincoln 2...Dale4-15-22  10:30 pm
Sbe sidebander viModerator1204-15-22  8:52 am
How to wire a Workman Echo mic for a Mectron ME - 400Buff642-28-22  8:43 am
Diesel 4-2 micKe0koy1-01-22  11:37 am
Cobra hand mic, on 4 pin WashingtonMrnobody11-06-21  11:30 am
Mike wiring for a MECTRON mc - 400Ke0koy10-12-21  11:54 pm
Cobra dynamic plus ca-72 to Icom IC-271A please hellpp Tigergriz5-28-21  2:41 am
JCD-201-M MicLou5-23-21  11:33 am
D-104 on Stryker 955Kp2804-25-21  7:37 pm
Anytone AT-6666Scarecrow4-07-21  8:45 pm
G.E. EM 28BSparky_13-18-21  11:59 am
Astatic 575M-6 wiring to Uniden Bearcat 980SSBPunisher3272-08-21  12:54 am
Kenwood MC50 to RCI 2970Marc7111 1-18-21  11:56 pm
Astatic 878 Lou1-18-21  1:22 pm
JCD-201-M MicLou9-21-20  8:18 am
D-104 wiring for Yaesu FT-101EScrapiron631-26-20  11:50 am
636l d104 wiring to Pearce Simpson pussycat 23 channel radioModerator1204-24-19  10:27 am
Lincoln II WIRING DISCREPENCY VS 257Heavy_d_aka_2773-25-19  9:17 pm
Cobra ca series power mic to cobra 2000gtl wiring neededLightfoot1-30-19  2:54 am
WiringRoad_warrior10 12-28-18  11:23 am
Stryker 955HPC to Rf limited Extreme EC 2018Dale7-04-18  11:20 am
RF Limited XTREME 2018 Wiring to a 2970n2Lightfoot6-13-18  9:03 pm
Wiring a mic.Moderator1204-11-18  1:07 pm
Ranger ac-7000 u/d {Densei ac-7000 u/d} mic wiring pleaseCharliebrown1-04-18  7:00 pm
Turner M+3 to Galaxy Jon6667-13-17  2:13 pm
Shure 526tJon6661-01-17  9:29 am
Echo max 2000 micMrnobody12-31-16  10:27 am
Mic Wiring HelpSquirrelbait11-12-16  9:39 am
JCD-201M wiring for a Uniden Grant XLFalcon99v9-07-16  12:10 am
4 Wire RK 70 to Cobra 148GTLDale7-24-16  7:25 pm
Help wiring a Shure 522 for Kenwood 450sKy_vince6-15-16  11:09 pm
Mike wiringMrgoody4-19-16  6:03 pm
KRIS XL23 Microphone WiringMetalmorphasis3-01-16  3:24 pm
Turner Plus 2 to a Uniden 980Seaview2-28-16  4:57 pm
UNIDEN 980Seaview2-28-16  4:51 pm
Expander 500 Microphone WiringPress_man2-02-16  6:39 pm
Turner+2 need Help guys !Doc0539-15-15  10:37 pm
CB Mic hook up (Astatic D104M6B and Uniden 980SSB)Press_man8-06-15  5:56 pm
Alinco DR-135DX Microphone wiringRchieroma5-20-15  7:12 pm
Is UNIDEN PC787 6 pin mic wiring the same as magnum or ranger 6pi...Dale3-31-15  4:46 pm
TURNER PLUS 2 wiring for ge-35875aRevpo11-10-14  8:44 am
Icom 725 & ICOM 735Tinker9111-07-14  10:16 am
Realistic desk mic to Montgomery Ward 702 help with wiring codePress_man9-03-14  5:31 pm
Yeasu ft101e mic wiringScrapiron638-20-14  6:16 pm
D 104 odd wire colorDale4-03-14  4:00 pm
Turner +2 to Galaxy DX 2547 BaseStahlmaster2-20-14  9:08 pm
D104 to Siltronix SSB-23Scrapiron6311-02-13  2:33 pm
Anytone at5555Bbmfic7-23-13  7:42 pm
Pc122Rodder547-01-13  5:59 pm
ERRICSSON GE MICROPHONEPhantom_8617-01-13  3:35 pm
J.C. Penney 6204 need wiring code for Turner 60JBob8206-07-13  4:49 pm
Mic adapters? I should Have known better.Bob8206-07-13  12:32 pm
Power Mic to Robyn LB-23Mrgoody4-29-13  9:47 pm
Silver Eagle to Kenwood TS480satMscott12123-15-13  12:29 am
Cobra 148 gtl will not transmitTech23718 3-07-13  3:59 pm
JCD-201M mic to cobra 2000Dale3-06-13  4:09 pm
Silver eagle to kenwood 830sMassappeal3-03-13  5:21 pm
5kc switchBig_bear3-03-13  5:20 pm
Broadbanding dx959Big_bear2-22-13  7:58 am
Ten-Tec Electret 705 mic to a Robyn SB-520DDark_matter2-17-13  10:15 pm
Talkback for trc449?Big_bear2-12-13  3:25 pm
Astatic 575 to Yaesu 857 DLawrence1-10-13  11:15 am
Silver Salute Diablo12-25-12  9:06 pm
Uniden BC880 and BC980Starface11-08-12  10:53 pm
Wireing A D104 to a Colt Excalibur Starface10-22-12  2:22 am
Madison 5 pin to D104 4-wireJon6669-15-12  5:38 pm
Superstar dm1000 tornado echo mike 2218-29-12  8:37 pm
Older President WashingtonJon6667-03-12  5:27 pm
COBRA 148 NW STBig_rigger6-23-12  5:20 pm
Euro-CB power mic to a Cobra 29 LTD ClassicFuntimebob6-21-12  1:20 am
D-104 Gray Base to a National NCX-500Funtimebob6-21-12  1:09 am
RK56 Mic switch wiringBlacksheeprules5-04-12  5:39 am
Galaxy echo master wiring to ss 3900Reo1093-09-12  5:32 am
Tug 8 D104 to ARF 2001Radiodude2-23-12  3:00 pm
MAGNUM S-9-80 Microphone WiringAudio_drive2-05-12  12:10 am
Realistic TRM-12 VHF-FM Marine Radio Telephone/Type 20-201Tech8331-23-12  12:40 pm
Wiring SBE Base Mic (Belcomm 100X)Kermit460411-19-12  1:42 pm
D104 t-ug9 stand Funtimebob1-09-12  12:21 am
Realistic TRC-490 mic problemFuntimebob1-09-12  12:16 am
Tram D300Funtimebob1-06-12  12:49 am
D104 t-ug9 stand questionScrapiron631-01-12  8:22 pm
Turner Supersidekick Microphone wiringFuntimebob12-25-11  8:50 am
Need A 5 Pin WiringFuntimebob11-19-11  1:41 pm
Cobra lx le Tech85810-26-11  5:10 am
Magnum 257 Speed_racer9-12-11  1:26 pm
Midland 77-106White_lightning8-23-11  10:39 pm
Magnum 257HP to a JCD-201MForummaster7-19-11  4:04 pm
Stock mic for magnum 257 color codeRebel37126-23-11  8:56 am
Will workman E01-06016 mic work with a cobra 19xs 5pin dinPancake6-12-11  9:45 pm
Mic wiring to suit ax144Stopmejohn6-12-11  1:07 am
Wire a mic for a star max midland 77-130Funtimebob5-27-11  8:35 pm
Astatic 1104C to a Omegaforce S45HPFuntimebob5-04-11  12:12 am
D104 Mics To Texas Ranger 696F BaseFuntimebob5-03-11  11:59 pm
Old MidlandSitm3-23-11  10:01 am
Microphone Help Redwolf97210-22-10  4:36 am
SHURE 444D wirng Golden_screw_driver10-20-10  12:58 pm
Turner SSB+2 Transistorized MicBiskybabyusa8-26-10  11:01 pm
Sadelta Master 2002 To A President GeorgeBags8-05-10  11:09 pm
Palomar vc-200Kb2rgz6-27-10  9:41 pm
Turner plus 3 wiring to kenwood 450tsVoice_of_canada_4056-08-10  8:38 pm
Wiring for hr2510Dale12 6-04-10  8:02 pm
Robyn 123b mike wiring Golden_screw_driver3-30-10  10:09 pm
Jcd 201m to kenwood ts440sSilvereagle2683-23-10  1:09 pm
Jcd-201m to a Cobra 2000Bluemoonpc12 2-19-10  9:54 pm
JCD-201M wiring problem/feeding backBluemoonpc1-31-10  9:20 pm
JDC201-M WIRINGLoyvt12 1-31-10  8:12 pm
DM-452 to President AR-144 AM/SSBCdp19531-28-10  1:49 am
Jcd-201m to a WashingtonTech8081-19-10  11:40 am
Millennium am 10 meter mobile 2002Bearclaw1-13-10  3:00 am
Cobra 132 xlr to a Sears desk mikeModerator12010-06-09  7:34 pm
Tactec mi-594000m to cobraMagneto7189-12-09  6:22 am
Johnson Messenger 250Ak33839-08-09  12:29 pm
SuperStar DM-1000 TornadoUnit1997-21-09  12:17 am
D104 chicken choker to cobra 2000 gtl?Dale3-31-09  9:46 pm
Magnum delta force with a 4 wire d104Dale2-17-09  5:24 pm
Wiring wanted for two micsTech2372-07-09  1:51 pm
CES Wireless Model 500SA Simplex AutopatchKc8gpd12-23-08  8:01 am
Palomar VC-100 WiringKc8gpd12-23-08  8:00 am
Super Star 4900bBbmfic12-18-08  7:03 am
Claricon #38-515Brain_damage11-14-08  1:16 pm
Sadelta micHyperno_19799-20-08  5:26 pm
Panasonic 5 pin din mic wiring?Hyperno_19798-30-08  7:02 am
Zakary THyperno_19798-30-08  6:30 am
Turner Plus 3 four wire to Cobra 140GTL 5 pinStarface8-16-08  12:41 am
Granada CB 4Radiodude5-30-08  2:00 pm
Rci-2995dx w/ workman silver salute wiring2fat1015-15-08  11:22 pm
JCD-201M on Cobra 148GTL 5PINHotwire5-07-08  3:50 am
Old Echomax type microphone help please.Barakuda3183-30-08  4:57 pm
D104 m6b inside wiring777_evergreen_state3-12-08  1:51 pm
Cobra 29\Galaxy DX959Kabar3-03-08  6:06 pm
SILTRONIC 1011CTech2912-28-08  7:07 pm
Mighty Mini Base Microphone Bluebird2-22-08  9:51 pm
JCD 201M wired to a icom 718Hyperno_19792-07-08  3:17 pm
Turner 454X SSB Crystal mic to Galaxy 2527 or RCI 2990Biskybabyusa2-05-08  8:15 pm
SIDEKICK PARTSJohnny_be_good1-27-08  5:04 pm
SIDEKICK TO COBRA 135XLRJohnny_be_good1-24-08  7:52 am
Turner SSB +2 to Galaxy 2527 or RCI2990Biskybabyusa1-22-08  6:01 pm
JCD-201M WiringTech8081-20-08  10:58 pm
Turner plus 3 to a dak ixBrain_damage1-11-08  5:21 am
Turner plus3 to icom 7062ir47312-26-07  9:43 am
JUMPY METER HELP!!!Road12-12-07  10:34 pm
Turner SSB +2 to Uniden WashingtonCaptian_radio10 11-21-07  9:26 am
Euro C.B. Power MikeRaccoon10-25-07  1:08 am
Cobra 2000GTLRaccoon9-30-07  1:43 pm
Gemtronics GTX 5000 Wired To A Shure 526-T Mic.Soundwood9-27-07  3:49 pm
Royce 639 5 pin microphone wiring Tech8089-17-07  7:23 pm
AN OLDIE BUT A GOODIEBruce8-19-07  10:04 am
Astatic 1104C to a Midland 79-290Biskybabyusa7-23-07  10:27 pm
Turner SSB +2 to galaxy or RCIBiskybabyusa7-20-07  7:55 am
Turner 350D-HIWildrat7-13-07  12:01 am
Mic wireingTech8087-10-07  6:17 pm
Ranger AR-3500Knight_watch7-08-07  3:27 am
Turner 454XHotwire7-01-07  6:13 pm
Radio Shack TRC-447Kabar7-01-07  3:50 pm
K-40 mic wiringModerator15166-14-07  4:50 pm
Kenwood MC-60ATech8086-13-07  8:38 pm
Cobra Dynamic UltraRedwolf9726-07-07  10:00 pm
Htx-10Bruce5-24-07  7:42 pm
Royce 619Penrider5-09-07  10:10 pm
D-104 to new cobra 148 gtlTech8085-05-07  4:05 pm
MC-80 To Magnum 257Redwolf9724-17-07  7:29 pm
ARIES DM452 to Kenwood TS-570DCdp19534-13-07  6:34 pm
Road noise ec-2029 to grant xlNhabit4-11-07  4:14 pm
JCD 201mBbmfic4-10-07  10:10 am
Midland 79 290 micRomstar4-02-07  9:10 pm
President george need d 104 hand mike wiringUnit1993-28-07  2:33 am
Turner plus 2 to cobra 2000??????Unit1993-18-07  1:01 am
Pro Trucker mic to RealisticTech8083-12-07  1:41 pm
Cobra 200 to astaic 575?Tech8083-11-07  5:14 pm
Magnum wiring Tech8083-05-07  7:21 am
Astatic 636L 4 pin to Connex 3300HPCowboy_bob3-02-07  7:33 pm
Astatica mic wiring to Midland 79-290 Biskybabyusa2-25-07  4:31 pm
D-104 to magnum 257Slim12-23-07  7:08 am
Gemtronics GTX 5000Tech8082-22-07  5:07 pm
Cobra to super sidekickJohnny_be_good2-21-07  7:32 am
Icom 737 mic wiringOld_man2-20-07  6:58 pm
ROYCE SSB 1-632 MIC WIRINGHyperno_19792-16-07  3:42 am
Truckers Series Power Mic TM-2009 Wired To Cobra 29 LTDWildchild2-15-07  10:57 pm
DM-452 to 6 pin Magnum 257Hyperno_19792-15-07  6:25 am
Workman diesel micCaptian_radio2-14-07  7:39 am
Turner mikes????????????2ir4732-13-07  8:39 pm
Colt 485 dx Tech8082-07-07  8:21 pm
Astatic TUG-8 Stand to 5 Pin WashingtonBiskybabyusa2-06-07  10:10 am
Dm 452 to a 2995dxRanger87black1-31-07  9:20 am
D104 to a General LeeTimberwolf4551-30-07  12:37 am
Older D-104 To Realistic TRC-433Biskybabyusa1-29-07  3:14 pm
SILVER EAGLE TO HR 2510?Biskybabyusa1-28-07  8:07 am
Stock connex 300 micTech8081-15-07  10:20 pm
Ten-Tec Omni VI Wiring DiagramSlugo44491-12-07  3:07 pm
Two Mic questionsTech23712-30-06  12:26 pm
Cobra 139 XLR mic wiringYankee12-29-06  8:55 pm
JCD201M mic that I would like to wire to a hr2510 Gregra7712-21-06  4:08 am
Lafayette Modle 994607Radiodude12-14-06  4:36 pm
Echomax wiringBiskybabyusa12-14-06  1:05 pm
JCD-201m to wire it to a galaxy dx2527Bbmfic12-13-06  12:01 pm
K40 to galaxy 959 Milkman2121812-09-06  11:13 am
Silver Eagle wired for the Cobra 2000GTL Draft11-28-06  10:26 pm
Astatic Silver Eagle & RCI 2950Linx11-18-06  12:25 am
Aries dm 452 for a cobra 148gtl nw st 4 pinRebel371211-17-06  4:53 pm
Wiring color codeTimberwolf45510 11-09-06  2:26 am
Night Eagle with Ranger 2950Linx11-08-06  4:35 pm
Cobra CA-75 to Uniden PC68xlYankee11 11-06-06  8:26 pm
Magnum 257 mic wiring helpTech80811-05-06  10:46 pm
Superstar tornado 3000 mic wiringCaptian_radio11-05-06  9:18 am
Yaesu MD200 mic to Yaesu FT -5100Oldpirate10-28-06  5:58 pm
D-104 to royce cbModerator151610-24-06  9:28 am
Kenwood MC-43 mic pinoutKirk10-23-06  7:43 pm
Astatic D104-M6BBc9109-20-06  8:20 pm
Mic WiringUnit1999-08-06  2:33 pm
Mic wiring for Magnum S-9Blacksmith9-01-06  1:12 am
JCD201M MIKETech8088-25-06  8:17 pm
RF Limited CB-100S Vox to Uniden Grant6208-20-06  9:43 pm
American Electronics CBVanillagorilla8-11-06  7:58 pm
Shure 450Mayor5138-10-06  5:50 pm
Aries dm 452 to a gemtronics gtx 55Rebel37128-07-06  8:31 pm
Help!! Mic Wiring???Yankee8-06-06  11:33 am
Turner RK56 to a Galaxy DX 95TAllan8-01-06  9:06 pm
Uniden MicRebel37128-01-06  9:38 am
CA-73 cobra micUnit1997-24-06  3:43 pm
ASTATIC 575-M6 TO EAGLE TOMAHAWKTech8087-20-06  8:08 pm
Turner plus 2 to yaesu ft 840 and connex 4800?Freebird7-19-06  10:12 pm
Shure 450 Series II wiring help?Tech8087-19-06  4:05 am
ASTATIC 575 M6 TO MAGNUM MINI 30Tech8087-05-06  10:32 pm
Mic wiringTech8087-03-06  7:00 pm
Midland 77-250g power maxPyrwitner16-24-06  7:26 pm
Turner M+2u to hr 2510Semi6-24-06  1:35 am
JDC201-M MICROPHONE PROBLEMSRoad_warrior6-21-06  10:26 am
ASTATIC 575 M6 TO MAGNUM S-9Dale6-19-06  10:08 am
Turner +3 Gray 4 wire to Madison 5 pinCdn_superpower6-13-06  6:44 am
Stock Uniden mic to 357 dxHyperno_19796-01-06  3:21 am
OLD TURNER + 2/U HAND MIKE WIRING TO TR-969F MOBILESporthd68995-21-06  7:03 pm
Mic wiring for galaxy saturn turbo 6 pin?Freebird4-28-06  1:25 am
How do I wire D104-M6B to 148gtl 5 pin side mount?Jameslarson4-12-06  6:42 pm
Ca-80 cobra micTech8083-25-06  7:24 pm
Omegaforce/astatic 575Tech8083-20-06  1:02 am
Wiring a Night KRadiodude3-11-06  9:27 pm
What wire does what?Tech8083-10-06  3:59 pm
ASTATIC ECHOMAX 2000Nc3272-20-06  4:26 pm
GE mic wirring strangeAl_lafon2-19-06  6:42 pm
PRESIDENT LINCOLN AND DM452 5PINFrank2-15-06  9:58 am
Connex SRA 188 Wire for President Lincoln *Help*Drifter_82912-13-06  10:03 pm
Barjan Roger Beep Echo MicAlsworld2-10-06  10:55 pm
Midland 888Kd4amg2-07-06  11:02 pm
Johnson 4 wire desk micHollowpoint4452-02-06  6:49 pm
Diesel #4-7 wireing for a 2905Skywalker9752-02-06  3:16 am
Astatic RD104E to an Alan 9001Bert1-28-06  9:58 pm
To much Bace in micDale1-28-06  12:01 pm
Cobra 148 GTL 5 Pin Power Mic.Vanillagorilla1-27-06  4:04 pm
Astatic mic, cobra 4 pinWildrat1-20-06  7:43 pm
Cobra 138 Mic WiringCrossbow2587xx1-17-06  10:18 am
MIDLAND 100MCadilac1-16-06  8:08 pm
Cobra CA-75 to Cobra 148 GTL 5 pinTech8081-02-06  7:05 pm
D104 TUG8 wiring QRevinsd12-23-05  7:11 pm
Silver Eagle to dak IXStatic_killer7712-17-05  12:46 pm
Wiring a new mic to a Robyn SB-510DTech80812-16-05  6:53 am
Turner side kickHollowpoint44512-13-05  6:44 pm
Astatic 575-M6 to HR-2510King_cobra12-11-05  10:40 pm
Magnum 257Duck24611-30-05  4:55 am
Need mic wiring cobra 2000 to d 104 silver eagleTech80811-28-05  11:39 pm
American Electonics(amplified base station mic.)desk mic model # 95...Mrgoody11-08-05  5:22 pm
Astatic 636L to Uniden Grant 5 pinCrackshot11-06-05  10:20 am
LON...OmegaForce mic helpTech80811-05-05  6:00 pm
Mic adapter for 257Navyrebel78200310-31-05  10:41 am
President AX-7Tech80810-30-05  9:46 am
DM-452 Wiring helpTech80810-28-05  5:33 pm
D104 to 1011dRadiodude10-27-05  9:11 pm
Mic Help Radiodude10-19-05  10:44 pm
Need mic wiring for 4 pin cobra 2000????????Hollowpoint44510-17-05  9:05 am
Unusual wiring questionYankee10-08-05  11:01 pm
444t mic wireing Yankee9-14-05  10:10 pm
Mic wiring for lafayette Tech80812 9-14-05  6:21 pm
Turner AMM 47 mic.Donald_duck8-27-05  7:45 pm
Midland 78-976 need D104 wiringTech8088-25-05  8:27 pm
Mic wiringBig_rigger8-23-05  8:20 am
Looking for some helpppp!Hollowpoint4458-19-05  12:21 pm
Peirce simpson super lynxTech8088-15-05  9:41 pm
D104 silver eagleSg5698-14-05  11:46 am
Powered pins at mic socket for desk mics????Twowatt8-13-05  10:01 pm
Astatic Mic. wiring?Tech8087-21-05  8:36 am
Syncron MP7000RB Echo Base Microphone Salty_bones7-13-05  9:45 pm
Rk56 to cobra 148gtl 5 pinSpeedbump7-13-05  6:59 pm
Kenwood MC-60 to Yaesu 1000mp Mark V FieldRadiohead7-08-05  12:22 pm
Astatic Road Devil RD104 Radiohead7-07-05  6:19 am
Can't come up with a good topic name, so please just go ahead and r...Hollowpoint44511 6-11-05  10:44 pm
Silver eagle micCapt_hook12 6-08-05  4:09 pm
Cherokee CBS1000Akbowtie6-07-05  8:25 pm
Turner Expander 500 SchematicAl_lafon5-17-05  1:48 pm
Gemtronics GTX-66 MikeKc0stg5-15-05  7:35 pm
Xtreme 2018 to a Uniden WashingtonCrossbow25875-10-05  4:11 pm
Galaxy 959 to a astatic d-104 with bottom key ( 6 wire )Tech8084-28-05  11:29 pm
D104 EMERGENCY!!!Tech8084-18-05  6:10 pm
K40 SP MIC to Albrecht AE 485 sIbacbfreq4-06-05  9:38 am
Turner Super Side Kick to Kenwood TS85026_op_1414-04-05  12:08 pm
K40 processor mic wiring and thanksInd2244-03-05  1:21 pm
SRA-158 Mrsandman3-28-05  12:20 pm
Wiring a mic on a 706Tech8083-26-05  1:01 am
D-104 Silver Eagle Wiring For Royce 639Tech8083-23-05  7:47 am
Power mike bench testJohnny_be_good3-22-05  8:06 pm
Heil micRacer_x3-22-05  5:52 am
Mic wiringJessdawg2-28-05  11:37 pm
Help on Mic pin configurationAlan_doss2-28-05  9:26 pm
Test Bench set upTech8082-25-05  9:46 am
Turner M+2/U wiring for 4-pin Cobra/UnidenRacer_x12 2-25-05  8:37 am
Sadelta master 2002Brian9572-24-05  12:02 pm
Turner Super SideKick Wired for a RCI 2950Red_devil2-22-05  1:59 pm
Astatic 575 to SS 3900Pintail6172-22-05  9:19 am
Mic Wiring for a Kenwood TR-7800Crossbow25872-15-05  12:06 am
Internal Wireing for 636-L AstaticTripledeuce2-11-05  12:17 am
Heil ICM micJimmy3962-10-05  5:55 pm
Turner Plus Three Desk Mic to a S-9Kpoe_281-26-05  8:08 pm
Mike for a drakeBushpilot1691-21-05  12:14 am
Ranger SRA 117 (R10-10165)Mamudduck1-06-05  4:36 pm
Astatic TUG 8 4 wire to Uniden Madison (8719)Tech8081-05-05  9:47 am
Electro voice 619 desk mic6191-02-05  2:59 pm
Kenwood Mc-60a to a 2995DXBeantown12-24-04  11:56 am
Turner ImpedenceBob_p11 12-13-04  2:24 pm
Lon, need help with DM 452Mike022811-26-04  9:21 am
Turner +3Poppathree11-25-04  8:34 pm
LAFAYETTE SSB 140Tech80810-26-04  10:14 pm
4 pin Cobra to Magnum 357 adapterAlsworld10-04-04  12:13 am
Turner plus 3 to cobra 2000Yankee9-26-04  5:50 pm
ASTATIC Microphone wiringToolman299-20-04  11:49 am
Astatic D104Dindin9-13-04  8:56 pm
Night eagle to dak ninePurplehaze9-10-04  4:45 am
Turner Expander 500Tecnicoloco8-23-04  2:46 pm
Help on old Sears 7 pin dinIcepick8-02-04  11:08 am
2995DXTech80813 7-30-04  8:15 am
Magnum 257 6 pin wiringTech8087-29-04  9:08 am
Maco echo box to Robyn T-240D with d104 K eagleYellow_zonker7-20-04  1:42 am
Wiring for Supersidekick to RCI 2970 DXBob_p7-19-04  10:04 pm
Power Pin on DX2547Cuddlebear7-08-04  7:35 am
Silver salute desk mike to 4-pin galaxyCuddlebear6-22-04  5:19 am
Kenwood MC-50 to Kenwood TR-7600 (5pin)Xlaxx6-21-04  8:30 pm
Expander 500 Desk MicAircop126-04-04  3:47 pm
Eagle Tomahawk Mic WiringTech5485-18-04  2:07 am
BUM or Astatic 551?Tech5485-05-04  10:21 pm
MC 60 A To LincolnDavemcc5-04-04  10:47 pm
Icom SM-8 to a Kenwood 2000Tech8084-23-04  2:34 pm
Turner +3 to President LincolnTech8084-12-04  11:37 pm
What kind of Microphone can be wired to this radio?Sparkomatic4-10-04  4:06 pm
Regency cr142Applejack4-07-04  8:41 pm
Silver eagle..low modulationPancake3-31-04  9:39 pm
2950Bulldog3693-17-04  10:26 pm
Compatable mic for a Robyn T240 D base.Tech80811 3-15-04  4:49 pm
D 104 tug 8 to cobra 2000?431ct3-15-04  6:32 am
Sears Road Talker 40 Mobile SSB to D104 Hand BlkTech8083-13-04  10:24 pm
YAESU FT101E WIRING to a D104 SILVER EAGLETech8083-12-04  8:46 pm
Need a mic wiring code?check this site(link inside)Pancake3-09-04  8:32 am
Internal wiring for tug8 D-104Pancake3-09-04  8:22 am
Super Sidekick to a MKIIIMonster3-08-04  11:25 pm
Wiring for midland 77-130Slatecaller3-07-04  12:00 pm
2950Tech8083-06-04  7:35 pm
Mobile max mistake???Tech8083-04-04  6:12 pm
Astatic 4 pin to Omega 6 pinTech8083-04-04  5:37 pm
Tuener +2 & golden eaglefor a 2980 wx.Tech8083-04-04  5:33 pm
Sears Roadtalker Base to a Roadnoise 20/20Tech8083-04-04  5:25 pm
LaFayette Telest 1240Tech8082-24-04  6:08 pm
Wiring for 357dx micTech8082-20-04  12:38 pm
Astatic a grantxlTimberwolf1352-11-04  8:08 am
Need to wire two Mic's. for one radioStitches1-29-04  9:07 pm
Sure and ZooScrapiron631-04-04  7:55 pm
Echo mic to cobra old 148Tech80812-21-03  5:24 pm
D104 to Magnum257Tech80812-17-03  7:10 pm
Wiring diagram i need for rci2950Doughboy12-17-03  7:51 am
OmegaforceJon66612-12-03  5:55 pm
Numark micSkilletlicker12-12-03  6:19 am
CDL 56K MICTech80812-11-03  10:59 pm
Mic questionTech80812-08-03  9:20 am
Cobra handheld powermike to GE 3-5871BTech80812-07-03  8:05 am
Mic adaptors47711-23-03  8:08 am
Hey Lon!!Stitches15 11-21-03  4:31 pm
Realstic Desk MicRadiodude11-17-03  9:18 pm
Unamping A Night KRadiodude11-11-03  8:49 am
Kenwood MC-60 to RCI 2980Kc0gxz11-10-03  7:07 pm
Wiring a mic to a lafayette hb-23Tech80811-06-03  6:34 pm
Turner mic wiring ???Allagator11-05-03  4:36 pm
Echo max 2000 helpHootyal10-31-03  8:14 pm
Night K to a 2995DXRadiodude10-24-03  5:43 pm
Cobra handheld pwr mic to GE 3-5813b 4 pin mobilePancake10-13-03  7:42 pm
Wiring E01-06002 to Galaxy 949Tech8089-27-03  10:42 pm
Royce 6396199-04-03  9:34 am
IMPEDENCE MISMATCH????Tech67116 8-31-03  5:16 am
Hello 808 D104 UG8 to Tram D201Tech8088-16-03  12:00 am
What is the switching wire for a cobra 148gtlGunship8-15-03  11:22 am
148gtlGunship8-15-03  11:21 am
Turner Super Sidekick Schematics needed!!!Midnitexpress8-12-03  12:48 pm
Realistic htx - 10 & htx - 100 mike wiringKc0gxz7-19-03  1:08 am
Turner +3B Desk Mike Help with Internal Wiring!Tech8087-17-03  7:54 pm
Need help:Mic wiring for Maxon MCB-30Midnitexpress7-16-03  3:08 pm
K- 40 radio need mike wiring infoTech8087-02-03  10:39 pm
Mike wiring MIDLAND 77 - 160Tech8087-02-03  9:55 pm
949 mic on a tr-296Tech8086-24-03  12:14 pm
Aries(Superstar-Workman) 452 to 2950DXTech8086-19-03  7:25 pm
Astatic 575 to Magnum 257?Tech8086-18-03  11:25 pm
I have a realistic powermike/stockmike(w/o battery) and i need the ...Rightwing5-26-03  12:25 am
CAN ANYONE HELP???D 104 to president washington 4 pin????????????Tech8085-23-03  2:01 pm
4 pinViking5-21-03  2:47 pm
Aries( Superstar) 452 to Magnum 257Barefoot5-20-03  6:52 pm
Echomax 2000Tech8085-10-03  11:36 am
Genral Lee mic'sAllagator5-06-03  6:39 pm
Mic squeal ?Tech8084-24-03  7:00 pm
Stock mic wiringSnowman7094-21-03  8:26 pm
Tug-9 stand mike wiring to president lincolnTech8084-04-03  9:42 am
Pace radio/Midland Mic.Stitches3-31-03  6:47 am
Mike Wiring Cobra 142gtl 5 PinTech8083-05-03  7:42 pm
Vr9000 astatic feedback problemTech8082-23-03  8:38 pm
Astatic mike wiringTech8081-29-03  8:47 pm
Looking for a switch.Tech8081-25-03  11:28 am
Pdc 67Tech8081-25-03  11:01 am
Royce 1-660 Mic WiringToolman291-24-03  12:16 am
Turner Expander 500 to GE Superbase (5875A)7071-22-03  11:15 am
Turner plus 2Twa771-20-03  12:41 am
Turner +3 Gray to old chasis RCI 2950Xlaxx1-17-03  11:16 pm
Hey 808-Looky here!Tech8081-08-03  10:29 pm
Silver Eagle to Kenwood TS-440sTech8081-07-03  7:17 pm
Mic (plug) wiring Turner Plus Three BTech8081-06-03  7:58 pm
Stock mic wiring for Midland13-891 BaseTech8081-04-03  10:27 am
Re-Wiring stock mic to Magnum 257Buck12-27-02  8:39 pm
Astatic 636-L to a ray jefferson CB-740Ryan12-09-02  11:41 pm
Turner Plus III B to Galaxy 2517Dx43112-09-02  12:06 am
How to wire an Astatic mic to Demco Modulator to Browning MkIIIMoonie12-07-02  1:47 am
Wiring for silver eagle to eagle tomahawk????????Swamper11-19-02  7:18 pm
Wiring for tomahawk againSwamper11-19-02  12:15 am
Could someone tell me?Radiodude11-12-02  8:56 am
RCA CB Co-Pilot / Stock Wiring.Tech80811-10-02  3:32 pm
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