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Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 - 5:17 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

RM HBF 500
Complete Station Meter

Automatic Low-Pass Filter
w/Frequency, Power and SWR Meter
Microprocessor Controlled

Complete Specifications
Non - Technical Review.


Lon ~ Tech808 ~ N9CEF


Microprocessor controlled
Frequency counter: 1KHz resolution
Power and SWR Meter
Cut-Off frequency: 2-4-7,5-15-22-30-60 MHz
Frequency Coverage: 1.5 - 55 MHz
Power Supply: 12-14 Vcc
(Not included to power the unit)
Input Power: 500 W (HF)
Mode: All
Brass Grounding Stud: with brass wing nut located on rear panel for proper grounding
Recommended Inductance: 52 W

RX Frequency: ~ 0.1 ~ 60MHz
TX Frequency: ~ 1.5 ~ 55MHz
Power Supply (Required): ~ 12-14 Vcc
Input Energy: ~ 500mA Max
Input Power: 1.8 ~ 30MHz ~ 5-500W
Input Power: 3 ~ 55 MHz ~ 5-300W

TX Cut Off Frequency:
LPFA: 60-MHz
LPFB: 30-MHz
LPFC: 22-MHz
LPFD: 15-MHz
LPFE: 7.5-MHz

Input SWR: 1.2 ~ 1.5
Mode: All Mode
Fuse: 1A


*Automatic or Manual Operation
*1.5 - 55 MHz All-Mode All-Band
*Cut-off Frequency: 2-4-7.5-15-22-30-60 MHz.
*Frequency controlled
*Digital LCD Frequency Counter/Display, Power-Watt and SWR Display with BLUE background and WHITE Digits, which makes the display Very Easy to see/read from any angle.
*Frequency Counter: 1KHz resolution
*Electronic switch
*Watt Meter
*Frequency HF
*Size: 12-1/2" L x 6-5/8" W x 3-1/8" H


I have been testing/using this product from RM Italy daily for 13 weeks now and I have yet to find a single thing about it that I do not like or that does not meet or exceed the specification's listed in the Owners Manual.

The MAJOR + that I have found is that the HBF 500 replaces 4 individual pieces of station equipment that I personally recommend that every CB or HAM radio station should have for the proper operation and protection of your radio equipment at your station.


#1 ~ Low Pass TVI Filter

This is not just your standard single stage 1 band Low pass/TVI filter.

The HBF 500 can be operated in the Automatic mode or the Adjustable mode, which allows you to set it for the band/frequency you will be using.

The Automatic low-pass HBF500 filter is an excellent filter with automatic connecting and a valid gauge to check the station parameters.

It is able to connect (Automatically or Manually) to the suitable filter for the transmission frequency nullifying the harmonic frequencies emission, which if maintained could create unwanted disturbance over the other frequencies.

The Butterworth and Helicoidally filters combination assures the most efficient operation on all bands with high attenuation peaks where high harmonics levels are present.

Furthermore it visualizes the frequency transmission of +/- 1KHz, the output power in Watt and the level of the SWR from antenna or other system.

In Reception if it is not set differently with the Main Menu, it remains connected to the filter with 55 MHz (Non-Disconnectable) to allow split operation between different bands.

#2 ~ SWR Digital Meter w/Audible Alarm

To warn you if your SWR climbs or changes to an unacceptable level that could damage your equipment. This has shown to be 100% dead accurate in testing in the auto mode and manual mode. This is a MAJOR + since you do not have to continually watch the meter to determine if something goes wrong with your Coax or Antenna and your SWR should climb above an unacceptable operating level that could damage your equipment.

You will need an external power source/supply that that will supply 10 - 15 Vcc to power this unit.

#3 ~ A 5 digit 1KHz resolution Frequency Display

This display has shown to be 100% accurate in testing in both the Auto and Manual mode.

#4 ~ An Accurate Watt Meter

This Watt Meter has shown to be 100% accurate in testing in both the Auto and Manual mode's.

Since I did not personally have the equipment (Radios & Antennas) to fully test this unit for all modes and bands, I figured why not ask/enlist several of our local ham's to help me with the testing and several agreed.

Testing was performed with excellent results using a MFJ-259B 1.8 to 170MHz HF/VHF Antenna/SWR/RF Analyzer and a MFJ-207 10 to 160 Meter Antenna/SWR Analyzer with 98% to 100% accuracy compared to my own equipment and their equipment/meter's on the following Ham Band's:

6 Meter ~ 50.0 ~ 54.0
10 Meter ~ 28.000 ~ 29.700
15 Meter ~ 21.000 ~ 21.450
17 Meter ~ 18.068 ~ 18.168
40 Meter ~ 7000 ~ 7300
80 Meter ~ 3500 ~ 4000
160 Meter ~ 1800 ~ 2000
and the 11 Meter CB Band ~ 26.965 ~ 27.405


The Owners Manual is very good and easy to understand for complete operation of this unit.

If there is one single piece of equipment that I would highly recommend that Every Station Should Have be it a CB station or a Ham station, THIS IS IT!

Respectfully Submitted,


Lon ~ Tech808 ~ N9CEF
CEF#808 ~ CEF HAM#33 ~ CVC#002