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Posted on Monday, March 01, 2004 - 2:39 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


COPPER PART #P03-01085

Complete Specifications, Modifications, and Non - Technical Review.


Lon ~ Tech808 ~ N9OSN

General Specifications
Emission Modes FM (F3E / AM (A3E)
Antenna Impedance50 ohm unbalanced
Frequency ControlDigital Phase-Lock Loop(PLL)Frequency Accuracy Better than +10ppm from 0-40° C after 15 min warm up.
Power Requirment10.5 - 15VDC ~ Negative Ground
Current Consumption7.0 amps maximum
Dimensions 7 7/8 x 10 5/8 x 2 3/8 inches
Weight4 1/2 lbs.

Transmitter Specifications
Power OutputFM ~ 30 Watts AM ~ 10 Watts Average / 50 Watts PEP
Tuning Steps10kHz
Final Transistors2SC1969 (x2)
Spurious EmissionsMore than 50dB below peak output power
Carrier SuppressionMore than 40dB below peak output power
Carrier SuppressionMore than 40 dB below peak output power
FM Deviation+/- 2kHz maximum
Audio ResponseMore than 30dB below peak output power
Frequency Response400 to 2800Hz
Microphone ImpedanceDynamic Microphone ~ 600 ohm

Receiver Specifications
Circuit TypeDual Conversion Superheterodyne
SensitivityAM ~ 1.0uV at 10dB S=N/N FM ~ 0.3 uV at 12dB SINAD
SelectivityAM/FM 6.0kHz (-6dB) / 18kHz (-60dB)
Adjacent Channel RejectionBetter than 70dB
IF RejectionBetter than 80dB for all frequencies
Frequency Response250 to 3000 Hz
Audio Output Power2 watts minimum at 10% THD with an 8 ohm load
Audio Output Impedance8 ohms


None Required!

The MAGNUM S-3 Radio is a "HOT ROD" right out of the box.

Everything is already set to the MAXIMUM for you by the Factory.


There are no other Modification's that I know of at this time for this radio.

Should other Modification's or Tips become avialiable I will keep you updated.


Pin #1 ~ Ground (Gnd)
Pin #2 ~ Microphone Audio (AF)
Pin #3 ~ (TX)
Pin #4 ~ Receive (RX)



Very good SWR across the bands.
6 Band Selector ~ (Allows you to program your favorite Band on any channel A through F).
4 Pin Microphone Plug Located on Front of Radio with Wiring Diagram printed around the Microphone Connector.
3 Pin Standard DC Power Cord.
Receive Board = Exceptional Clear Receive.
Updated TOP GUN MODULATOR BOARD with variable Power when Top Gun Board is off.
Turbo Echo (A Magnum Exclusive)
Large Heat Sink.
BLUE Lighted S-Meter (Easier to see at night as No bright light hitting you in eyes.
SWR Detection Circuit On/Off switch located on back of radio.
External Frequency Counter Plug located on back panel.
10kHz Switch on front panel

Mr Bob Fitzpatrick has also helped to design the Top Gun Modulator Board as well as the AMT (All Mode Takback) and re-designed the Motherboard, as well as the Receive area of this radio.


You will need an External Frequency counter such as the Galaxy FC 390 or similar TR-FC390 type. As this radio can be programed for 6 Bands of your choice from 25.165 thru 30.105.

There is no room on the front panel for a Frequency counter and it would detract from the great layout of the front panel anyway.

Sorry, but I could not find any other Cons to list.


I have been testing this radio for over three weeks now and I am continually amazed at it's performance with 5 to 8 hours a day of use.

This radio has now been on for over 21 days with NO problems of Overheating or burnt out bulbs.

The Radio has been bench tested as a Base using a power supply as well as in Mobile use.

This Radio requires an Input Voltage of 14.2 to 14.6 volts to achieve Maximum Performance and Power Output.

The control knobs have been improved and are tight and smooth. (Not Sloppy)

I like the BLACK Faceplate as it makes things easy to see and NO sun glare off of front panel when driving.

Another great feature is the New 4 Pin Microphone Plug located on the Front Panel and has same wiring as Cobra/Uniden Radios.

Also the NEW Standard 3 Pin DC Power Cord.

The "BIGGEST & NEWEST" Feature that this radio Incorporates is the ability to allow the owner to actually program what Band of frequencies you want and allows you to place them where you want them on the Band Selector Switch A~F.

The Receive and Clarity on this radio is far better than any other radio I have ever used or tested with the exception of the New Magnum Omega Force S-45.

This Radio will be a BIG Plus for those of you who do not use or need a SSB Radio and the Trucker's will love it.

It has Plenty of Power, Great Receive and Excellent Audio with the Stock Microphone and there is No need to add a power microphone to this radio.

You can easily acheive full PEP output with the Stock Microphone and your Modulation will be 100% Crystal Clear and Loud.


This radio as well as the Omega Force S-45 was designed to work with a 4 pill Amplifier like the Texas Star 500 or Similar Amplifier that uses 4 - 2SC2879's.

"DO NOT ATTEMPT" to run the Magnum S-3 or the Omega Force S-45 with any 2 PILL Amplifier!

Also if you use the Magnum S-3, S-6, S-9 or Magnum Omega Force S-45 with an Amplifier that uses an Exciter/Driver you MUST have the radio adjusted for a Dead Key of 4 watts and NO More than 12 watts PEP.

It is Highly Suggested that you have a professional do this.


I would like to Personally thank Mr. Sam Lewis, Owner of RF Limited and Magnum International, for Supplying me with a New Magnum S-3 for this Review.

Also for spending many many hours on the phone, as well as Faxes and e-mails answering the many question's I had as well as supplying me with the materials & printed information for this review.

And a Special Thank You, goes to Mr. Bob Fitzpatrick for giving me his time in helping explain the New Features that he helped design for the New Line of Magnum Radios.

Respectfully Submitted,