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Username: Tech808

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Registered: 8-2002

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2004 - 7:51 am:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


COPPER PART #P03-01089

Complete Specifications, Modifications, and Non - Technical Review.


Lon ~ Tech808 ~ N9OSN

General Specifications
Emission Modes FM (F3E / AM (A3E)
Antenna Impedance50 ohm unbalanced
Frequency ControlDigital Phase-Lock Loop(PLL)Frequency Accuracy Better than +10ppm from 0-40° C after 15 min warm up.
Power Requirment10.5 - 15VDC ~ Negative Ground
Current Consumption7.0 amps maximum
Dimensions 7 7/8 x 10 5/8 x 2 3/8 inches
Weight4 1/2 lbs.

Transmitter Specifications
Power OutputFM ~ 45 Watts AM ~ 10 Watts Average / 45 Watts PEP
Tuning Steps10kHz
Final Transistors2SC1969 (x2)
Spurious EmissionsMore than 50dB below peak output power
Carrier SuppressionMore than 40dB below peak output power
FM Deviation+/- 2kHz maximum
Audio ResponseMore than 30dB below peak output power
Frequency Response400 to 2800Hz
Microphone ImpedanceDynamic Microphone ~ 600 ohm

Receiver Specifications
Circuit TypeDual Conversion Superheterodyne
SensitivityAM ~ 1.0uV at 10dB S + N/N FM ~ 0.3 uV at 12dB SINAD
SelectivityAM/FM 6.0kHz (-6dB) / 18kHz (-60dB)
Adjacent Channel RejectionBetter than 70dB
IF RejectionBetter than 80dB for all frequencies
Frequency Response250 to 3000 Hz
Audio Output Power2 watts minimum at 10% THD with an 8 ohm load
Audio Output Impedance8 ohms


Pin #1 ~ Ground (Gnd)
Pin #2 ~ Microphone Audio (AF)
Pin #3 ~ (TX)
Pin #4 ~ Receive (RX)


1. Remove the 4 ~ 100 ohm Resistors and 1 ~ Jumper wire from the bottom of the main PCB.

2. After this Modification BAND "D" is the Regular 40 Channel CB band.


None Required!

The MAGNUM M-1 Radio is Already set by the factory to deliver Maximum Performance right out of the box!


VOL-SQ ~ Control
MIC-G - RF-G ~ Control
BAND ~ Control
VOl - DEL ~ Control
PWR- AMT ~ Control
S/RF ~ Meter
AM / FM / PA ~ Switch
NB / ANL ~ OFF ~ Switch
+10kHz - OFF ~ Switch
RX / TX ~ Light
SWR ~ Light
2 Digit "Channelized" Frequency Display


External Frequency Counter Connection.
Standard 3 Pin DC Power Connection.
SWR Detection Circuit On / Off Switch.
PA: Public Address Speaker Jack.
EXT SP: External Speaker Jack.


The Channel Display is equipped with the EKL Component's Multi-Color Lens Kit (MCL-KIT).

The MCL-KIT provides an easy way to customize the look of your M-1 by changing the channel display color.

The MCL-KIT features 5 colored filters (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange) and a Clear snap-on cover to hold the filter to the channel display, the Blue MCL filter is already installed in your radio by the factory. The remaining 4 colored filters are included in a bag with instructions.

To install a different colored filter, have a Qualified technician dissemble the front panel of the M-1, remove the clear snap-on-cover, and install the desired color filter.


There are no other Modification's that I know of at this time for this radio.

Should other Modification's or Tips become available I will keep you updated.



Very Easy Channel Conversion.
40+ Watts of Output Power.
AM / FM / PA Modes
FR4 (MIL SPEC) Circuit Board.
NOTE! This is the ONLY Radio in its class with a MIL-SPEC FR4 Circuit Board - the most rugged board available.
TURBO™ Digital Echo.
AMT - All Mode TalkBack.
TOP GUN™ Modulator Circuit.
4 Pin Front Panel Mic Jack.
Separate SWR Light
EKL Component's Multi-Color Lens Kit (MCL-KIT).


You will need an External Frequency counter such as the Galaxy FC 390 or similar TR-FC390 type. As this radio will cover from 25.615 thru 28.305 on Bands A / B / C / D / E and F After the Conversion and from 28.015 thru 28.465 before the Conversion.


Well this is the most intensive review I have done on a radio so far.

When the radio arrived the first thing I did was pop the cover and do the Frequency Modification I have listed.

All bands were 100% Dead On Frequency after the modification. and all specifications were within those listed in the owners manual.

Then I decided to really see if it was BUILT LIKE A TANK as advertised.

I visited my local paint store and had them put it on a Paint Shaker for 5 minutes.

I brought it back home and popped the covers again and hooked everything back up and checked to see what if anything had been shaken loose.

To my surprise Nothing was loose and everything worked perfectly. All bands were still dead on and every feature this radio has was also working at 100%.

Then the Fun began, I had it dead keyed into my MFJ Versaload for 7 days with 14.2 to 14.6 volts of power and showing a 1.1 to 1.2 SWR reading.

I also tested this radio with over 700 hours of on time including over 250 hours of actual talking time.

I also used this radio on the SUNDAY CEF Nets when talking with a lot of you over the last month and everyone we talked with gave us good reports.

It was tested as a Base and Mobile.

The new Blue lights were a pleasant surprise as they were very easy to read in the daytime and also easy to see at night without the bright glare associated with the standard white lights.

The one thing I did notice was that when actually talking to a lot of the people who were within a 25 to 30 mile range said it sounded better with the Top Gun Modulator turned off, but those who I contacted on skip and outside the 30 mile range said the Top Gun Modulator made a Major difference and was clearer and easier to understand and did Punch thru.

I also like the SWR light that is separate from the other lights now and really gets your attention when it comes on.

While it does have a little less PEP (5 to 7 watts on my meters) than the S-3 it does perform exceptionally well.

I also wanted to again check on something so I took it back to the Paint store for another 5 minute trip on the paint shaker.

Again it passed with flying colors even after I dropped it getting back in the truck.

If you want a truly great working radio and are not interested in having SSB then this radio is HONESTLY BUILT LIKE A TANK and should give you many years of complete satisfaction.

The paint shaker test may seem silly or extreme to some of you who read this Review but as an ex OTR Driver with over 1 million miles in a Big truck, I can honestly say a big truck will shake the daylights out of radios in a heart beat.

If you want a Good Reliable / Durable Performing Radio I would in all honesty recommend this radio to anyone.

Respectfully Submitted,