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Posted on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 8:55 am:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)



A Non-Technical Review


CEF #362 / KG6POG


Even if you have tried and given up with other methods, it will work for you because it's the only one which allows you to learn code in the language part of your brain so that code becomes as easy as talking!

Your computer becomes a no-miss code machine.

Copy code like an old timer in 2 weeks!

Code Quick 2000 works flawlessly on Windows 95,98,ME,2000,NT or XP.

It lets you work on characters individually or through a paced learning system

It contains NINE HUNDRED-NINETY-NINE practice QSOs and an equal number of VE type tests with ten fill in questions, to cement forever the code into your language brain.


In case you don't know let me explain the requirements for passing Element 1 the Morse Code requirment.

There are two ways to pass, first is to answer seven out of ten questions that are in the QSO that you will be copying in the exam.

The second way is to have 25 characters in a row correct. Numbers, prosigns and abbreviations have higher values than single letters, so if you have a couple of numbers and abbreviations correct it can really make the difference.

It's my experience that Code Quick 2000 does what it promises to do. It teaches you code, quickly and in a way you won't soon forget. But I have to stress you must commit the time and effort to get through the program for it to be successful.

I would highly recomend a small hand held recording device so you can record problems areas while going through the lessons, take it wherever you go. I used it with headphones before I went to sleep at night, while driving around town, and when TV was boring I would put a headset on and listen to the code.

I was struggling with the program at first because I had trouble putting the rhythm along with the word associations, (which is Code Quick's method of teaching code).

You must take the practice sessions seriously and concentrate without distractions, particularly in the beginning. The voice-overs really help when you're first exposed to new characters.

It's important to recite the word association with each character until you fully learn the rhythm matching the word associated with each character. Once you learn the rythem with the word associations, learning to copy code becomes quick and easy. You will be surprised on how well you can copy after getting through the lessons. Eventually you will end up hearing the letters rather than the word associations while you copy code.

Some of the useful features that are included in the program are the ability to adjust the speed and tone of the code. The ability to create your own text files that will play back in code with or without the word association for praticing those trouble areas.

The pratice tests are important because they help to build speed and are similar to the real exam. The random letters give you a chance to read along with the displayed characters, or you can blindly copy and compare to find your weak spots, it can also help gain speed and confidence.

The QSO's are very much like the pratice tests but are longer and more diffucult to copy blindly. Again you can read along to gain speed and confidence or use them as practice tests.

The game Escargo transmits letters in a random fashion and tests your ability to copy. These are all very useful tools and wil help you to gain speed and polish your copying skills.

I decided to get my General Class License in September and really wasn't sure on how to begin. Start with the code or do the written first. In early October I decided to use QRZ to pass the General written, and then set a goal to finish the code by the end of the year.

After reading some posts on Code Quick in the Copper Forum I decided to use Code Quick to pass the Element 1 exam.

I begin to study with Code Quick in earnest after I passed the General written on October 16th.

I passed the 5wpm exam on my first attempt on November 18th, which was the first testing session I could find after passing the General Class written exam.

The Hot Tips provided by Code Quick are helpful, and the link below has a few more tips that are useful.

Free Tips

Learning Code is like learning a new language, and Yes it can be done is less than 30 days. This will take time, work and dedication to the program daily. Some will find that is easier than others, and maybe a few will get through it is less than 20 days. But expect to put a good month into the program, at a few hours a day.


Respectfully Submitted,