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Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2001 - 8:19 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Galaxy Melaka Receiver Alignment:

Required Test Equipment:

a. Signal Generator , calibrated output with adjustable modulation.
b. AF VTVM (5v full scale range) or Oscilloscope.
c. DC Voltmeter.
d. Optional FM signal Generator.

SETTINGS: Clarify to 12:00 position , Channel 19 regular CB band , Mode:AM , RF Gain clockwise , Squelch Off.

1)Set Signal Generator for 27.1850 Mhz signal , 1 uV RF , 30% Modulation at 1 Khz. as shown in Picture #1 and #2. Inject into Antenna Jack.

Picture #1

Picture #2

2)Connect Oscilloscope or AF VTVM to speaker as shown in Picture #3.

Picture #3

3)Adjust volume so you can see a nice shaped pattern on the Oscilloscope or adjust the VTVM for a stable reading then adjust L12 , L11 , L10 , L8 , L7 and L6 for maximum reading on AF VTVM , Oscilloscope or S-Meter on radio.(Picture #4) (Example Picture #5).

Picture #4

L12 Scope Example
Picture #5

4)Switch MODE to USB.
5)Remove Modulation from Signal Generator.
6)Center signal using Clarify Control.
7)Adjust L13 and L14 for maximum reading on AF VTVM , Oscilloscope or S-Meter on radio.(Picture #7) (Example Picture #8).

L13 , L14
Picture #7

L13 Scope Example
Picture #8

8)Increase Signal Generator to 100 uV. (Picture #7).

100 uV
Picture #7

9)SSB "S" Meter: Adjust VR2 for exact reading of "S 9" on radio S-Meter.(Picture #8 and #9).

Picture #8

Picture #9

10)Increase Signal Generator to 1000 uV. (Picture #10).

1000 uV
Picture #10

11)Squelch fully clockwise.
12)SSB Squelch Range: Adjust VR3 so that Squelch just breaks. (Picture #11).

Picture #11

13)Mode to AM.
14)AM/FM Squelch Range: Adjust VR4 so that Squelch just breaks. (Picture #12).

Picture #12

15)Reduce Signal Generator to 100 uV.
16)Squelch fully counter-clockwise.
17)AM / FM S-Meter: Adjust VR1 for "S-9" on radio S-Meter. .(Picture #13 and #14).

Picture #13

Picture #14

18)Mode to FM.
19)Reduce volume as required.
20)Inject modulated FM signal , 100 uV , 1 Khz tone , 5 Khz Deviation. (Picture #15).

HP Setup
Picture #15

21)FM Quadrature Coil: Adjust L5 for max audio with Oscilloscope on IC-2 , Pin 7 (Picture #16 #17and 18).

IC-2 Pin 7
Picture #16

Picture #17

Picture #18

This completes the Receiver alignments , continue with next topic.
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