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The Penetrator P500 EXPOSED!Centurion14 11-07-20  10:07 am
Station Set UpTech2374-16-16  4:58 pm
Tuning for Frequency AccuracyDale12-13-15  9:25 am
Restoring a Penetrator P500 AntennaRichiek3-13-15  9:01 am
Installing Radios in VehiclesKeithinatlanta11 8-05-14  10:07 pm
RFI/EMI and Cable SystemsTech2372-11-14  10:59 am
Big Coil antennas EXPOSED!Milkman2121820 6-30-12  11:27 pm
Converting an RCI 2995DX into a 10 meter beaconSitm1-28-11  10:02 am
Mobile Radio & Amplifier CondensationStarface10-18-09  7:38 am
James Boys Labor Day Weekend ShootoutTech5659-19-09  4:47 am
What Size Power Supply Do You Need?Tech80812-28-08  9:35 am
How to Choose a Ground Plane AntennaWalterb46 5-04-08  12:47 am
Mobile Amplifier Installation Tips!Hotwire23 4-07-08  1:37 am
Practical Long Wire antenna for CBTech2376-08-07  9:33 am
Coax Cables Facts and FantasyDale5-23-07  5:24 pm
Jake Elliot August 2006Forummaster8-16-06  7:10 pm
Do Aluminum Antennas Need Time to Settle?Keithinatlanta18 3-24-05  7:36 am
How to Properly Adjust Your Modulation Kid_vicious3-10-05  9:35 pm
Forward & Reflected PowerTech8087-26-04  5:39 pm
What Is SWR?Tech8087-26-04  8:57 am
Jake Elliot March 2002Admin8-18-02  10:34 am
Jake Elliot February 2002Admin8-18-02  8:26 am
Jake Elliot January 2002Admin8-17-02  1:28 pm
Jake Elliot December 2001Admin8-17-02  1:08 pm
Did you hook your CB up backwards?admin11-30-01  10:25 pm
ECHO boards? Which one?30711-30-01  10:22 pm
The CORRECT way to add ECHO30711-30-01  10:19 pm
Expensive antennas v/s cheap antennas30711-30-01  10:13 pm
Do I need a FUSE in line?30711-30-01  10:06 pm
Why not use a 20 amp fuse?30711-30-01  9:55 pm
Microphones in general30711-30-01  9:45 pm
Whats the "Offset" button on my radio for?30711-30-01  9:40 pm
Something about Power30711-30-01  9:38 pm
Selecting a Soldering Iron30711-30-01  9:36 pm
Solving Sqealing Problems30711-30-01  9:29 pm
Tweeking Tools30711-30-01  9:27 pm
What's a Voice Lock?30711-30-01  9:20 pm
Choosing a Station Meter30711-30-01  9:19 pm
Antenna Grounding30711-30-01  9:17 pm
Coax , Coax and more Coax30711-30-01  9:11 pm
Add a Roger Beep to the Galaxy DX-3330711-30-01  9:06 pm
AS-100 Automatic Radio Switcher30711-30-01  9:03 pm
Antenna Lingo30711-30-01  8:53 pm
Antenna mounting tricks30711-30-01  8:48 pm
What does "ANL" and "NB" stand for?30711-30-01  8:45 pm
Add a 10Khz switch to your Connex 330030711-30-01  8:35 pm
Quite The Year - November 200144211-28-01  9:47 pm
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