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Posted on Friday, November 30, 2001 - 8:45 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

What's ANL and NB stand for?

Did you ever wonder what the difference between ANL and NB are ? Did you ever wonder what ANL or NB stand for ? Well some radios have either one and some radios have both and some radios have none . sounds like the story of the three bears if you ask me . Well lets start out by saying "ANL" stands for AUTOMATIC NOISE LIMITER and "NB" stands for NOISE BLANKER . The difference between the two is quite simple , how they work is a little different . I will try to put into laymen's terms for you . ANL is a form of noise reduction that primarily works in the AM mode on your CB radio . Generally speaking it is a circuit that in most cases is built around the AM detector of the radio . It's purpose is to stop wide band noise from entering into the front end of the radio so you do not hear it . Although your "S" meter is not affected by the ANL and you will still see it on the meter , you won't hear it . Wide band noise is that buzzing that you hear from leaky or dirty transformers on telephone poles . The type that goes all over the band even when you turn to another channel . The only thing that will remove it is an ANL circuit . In most cases the Cobra line of radios is the BEST for removing wide band noise . Now on the other hand NB or Noise Blanker is another form of noise reduction the is quite different . A NB circuit generally is a larger circuit that when high amplitude "spikes" are picked up by the antenna , the radio will actually shut down the front end of the radio temporarily so you do not hear it . It is quite fast however if you are talking to someone right next to you the NB may pick the signal up as a "spike" and shut down the front end . As a result the person you are listening to will sound muffled . NB is generally used for spark plug noise , lightning , or woodpecker noises and chirps . It also works well in sideband .When purchasing your next radio make sure you have both ANL and NB . You will see it is worth the extra few dollars .