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Hy-Gain AR-40 Rotor

Hy-Gain AR-40 Rotor
Brand: Hy-Gain
Product Code: T40-00004
This product is no longer available!

Fully automatic control, Operates at 110V The AR-40 is for large FM-TV and compact communication antennas arrays up to 3 square feet wind load area. Dual 12 ball bearing race is exclusive to its class. Automatic position sensor never needs resetting.
Fully automatic control -- just dial and touch for any desired location. Solid state, low voltage control, safe and silent operation. It has a maximum mast size of 2 1/16 inches. Includes MSLD light duty lower mast support. Operates at 110V.

  • AR-40 Rotator Specifications
  • Wind Load Capacity (inside tower) 3.0 square feet
  • Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter) 1.5 square feet
  • Turning Power 350 pounds
  • Brake Power 450 pounds
  • Brake Construction Disc Brake
  • Bearing Assembly Dual race/12 ball bearings
  • Mounting Hardware Plated clamps/steel bolts
  • Control Cable Conductors 5
  • Effective Movement (in tower) 300 ft/lbs.


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