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Antennacraft TDP-2 Antenna Rotor

Antennacraft TDP-2 Antenna Rotor
Brand: Antennacraft
Product Code: A00-00010
This product is no longer available!
2 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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One Piece High Alloy Aluminum Construction - Total Weather Protection

  • Gold, Corrosion-Resistant Coated
  • Holds Masts Up to 2" Diameter
  • Requires 3-Wire Rotator Cable
  • UL Listed, AC Operation
  • Fully Automatic, Heavy-Duty Motor Handles
  • Large Antenna with Plenty of Torque to Break thru Heavy Ice Loads
  • Strong, Machine-Cut Gears that Won't Bind
  • Brake Pads Hold Firm to Prevent High Wind Damage (Tested to 70MPH)
  • 2 Synchronized Motors give Exact Degree of Station Location
  • Rotor can be used with any 3 Element HF 10/11 Meter Beam or 6 or 8 2 Meter or 6 Meter Beam

Antennacraft TDP-2 Antenna Rotor


| 2 reviews
all being didn't take long to start selling a support bearing to fix the prob....with the bearing there has been no prob. sense,10ft.of mast above the rotor,everything all good now. I talk vertical not flat side,the radials have to be above the tower or there will be a big interference and the beam will not work reflecting off of the tower,the right thing was done, once there was a prob.very quickly a fix was brought out, I hand it to cooper and antennacraft for insuring there would be no the future.well done that's what reviews are for to tell the good and bad experiences with a product. Not for bashing someone, Im glad I told it like it was with complete honesty.even brought the same rotor again with the support bearing and am very happy,holds up just fine up on my hill in all the wind 75ft up. cya freebird wav'in a wing
| 2 reviews
You can't use a 10ft section of pipe "above" a rotor. It's no wonder it didn't hold up. There should have only been no more then a 3ft section of pipe above the rotor. Don't think you'll find a rotor any where that says in the instructions to use more then 3ft of pipe between the rotor and antenna unless the rotor is mounted "Inside" a tower on a rotor plate. With a long pipe and the antenna on top wouldn't take much of a wind to break the aluminum housing.

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