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Cobra GPSM 7700

Cobra GPSM 7700
Brand: Cobra
Product Code: C90-07005
This product is no longer available!
Cobra GPSM7700 Professional Driver GPS Navigation
The 7700 PRO provides truck-specific routing, multi-route trip planning and other critical driver information useful for eliminating unwanted stops, optimizing time and improving efficiency.
For over 40 years Cobra has delivered the highest quality and most innovative tools tailored to the specific needs of professional drivers.
  • 7" Touch Screen Thin, light-weight, bright and easy to see >li>Enhanced Truck-Specific Routing Uses vehicle height, width and limits along with national and state truck restrictions to provide the best route possible.
  • Truck-Specific Points of Interest Powered by ProMiles? Includes all major travel centers with detailed amenity information such as food options, internet access, shower availability, etc.
  • Commercial Vehicle Service & Support Information Powered by TruckDown? Quickly find towing companies, repair shops, truck-friendly motels and emergency services.
  • AURA? Camera and Driving Hazard Protection Avoid costly tickets with to speed and red light cameras location alerts as well as speed traps and dangerous intersection notifications.
  • Truck Optimized Route Guidance Loud and clear voice instructions and phonetic pronunciation of street names.
  • 33,000 Truck-Friendly Points-of-Interest of-Interest Powered by ProMiles? and TruckDown?, includes truck stops, weigh stations, repair shops, rest stops, pharmacies and lodging with amenities including, WiFi access, showers, restaurants and laundry. Plus, over 12 million standard point of interest.
  • 12 Truck Type Options including straight trucks, single and double trailers in various axle configurations.
  • Multiple Routing Options Including shortest time, shortest distance, National Network STAA)avoid toll roads and avoid freeway.
  • 30 Restriction Types including access restriction, load restrictions, HazMat, height, gross vehicle weight, weight per axle, total length, kingpin to last axle, kingpin to end of trailer, width and more.
  • Multi-point Route Optimization Provides optimal routing for multiple destinations to save fuel costs.
  • Truck-Specific Map Data Coverage includes complete STAA National Highway & State Access Roads, National Bridge Inventory List and National HazMat Route Registry data for providing truck-optimized routes for the lower 48 states and Canada.
  • Windshield Mount
  • 12V DC Power Cord
  • 120V AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Length: 1"
  • Width: 7.2"
  • Height: 4.6"

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