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Mirage Stealth Pro 10 Meter

Mirage Stealth Pro 10 Meter
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: E50-10012
This product is no longer available!
3 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Unit is sold AS IS, NO Warranty!
Unit has partial digit out of the Frequency Counter!

10 Meter Mobile
6 Digit Frequency Counter
100 Watts
6 pin Mic

| 3 reviews
Just Got Down all you mud ducks Mirage Stealth Pro dropping the Maul with Toshiba 2sc2879 Pills. This radio has what all others don't WIDE BAND AAAAAWWWWDDDOOOO. Throwing old 29 away. Bird Watts killer on the west coast with this radio and I am off the Maul.
| 3 reviews
Radio fits perfect in cubby as its the same size as Cobra 29 with way more power.
| 3 reviews
This Radio rocks loud 150 watts and awesome Receive.

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