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Paradynamics PDC-5

Paradynamics PDC-5
Brand: Paradynamics
Product Code: V10-05746
This product is no longer available!
4 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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Mobile 3-Function Test Meter, Tests SWR and wattage. Includes Mounting Bracket
  • Tests condition of 50 hm antenna or coax
  • Comes with built-In antenna matcher

| 4 reviews
I picked up my third PDC5 last week, it came working just fine as usual. I use the PDC5s as antenna tuner when running an export CB like the 2950DX, they will tune a good CB antenna like a 102" whip, Wilson or K40 to any part of the 10, 11, or 12 meter bands. I use double sided tape to attach them to the underside of the radio and attach the radio to the unit with a 12" jumper, I've never had one come lose or fall off the radio. I would recommend buying some 12 volt wheat bulls or an led to put behind the meter for night use but it's not something needed. You can power the lights with a 9 volt battery with a cheap SPST switch or just power it with 13.8 volts from your car or power supply. For $30 I just can't beet the size or usefulness of the PDC5 meter.
| 4 reviews
I bought the PDC-5 a couple of years ago from copper along with a 2950-DX. This little meter works great for what it is and the price. Easy to set up and take "on the go". Great for a compact system. Thanks.
| 4 reviews
TOO SMALL!!! it works good but the meter is too small and no meter light.. so if you have super vision and can read in the darkget it.. better off paying the extra 30bucks for a dosy
| 4 reviews
Too small and it is not user friendly. But it was accurate.

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