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Turbo Digital Echo Board

Turbo Digital Echo Board
Brand: RF Limited
Product Code: P03-00007
This product is no longer available!
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The TRB-X2 features TURBO DIGITAL ECHO technology. The longest echo with the most sound variations, like Endless Echo, Alien Voice and the Big Radio Sound.
Get the clearest and loudest echo available, in a board that fits in any radio.

  • Cyborg Robotic Voice Sound Half Man / Half Machine
  • Stadium Sound: Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer.
  • Endless Echo: An unbelievable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending, repeating echo.
  • Double Talker: Repeats everything you say... repeats everything you say. This could get annoying ... This could get annoying. Good thing you can turn it off... good thing you can turn it---
  • Big Radio Sound: From the smallest radio to the largest, this lets everyone know you have a big radio


| 1 reviews
WOW!!!! Thats what popped in my head after installing this thing in a Cobra 29LTD CLassic. If you know anything about the EX.2018 mics well this is basicly the same. From sounding like your in a barrel to crazy repeating echo and thier is alot to play with on it. I love this board and i know you will too its easy to install. I know it has alot of wires but its not hard at all thier is also a video on you tube from C.B. Magazine. If you want a good echo board, Connex boards aint got nothing on this bad boy!!!!!!

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