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Ranger 2980WX w/Weather

Ranger 2980WX w/Weather
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: R10-10119
This product is no longer available!
12 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Built-in 6 Digit Frequency Readout
  • NOA Weather Channels With Scan
  • Weather Alert On/Off Switch
  • Large Frequency Selector Knob
  • Variable Dimmer Control
  • Advanced Noise Filter Circuit Switch
  • Automatic Noise Limiter Switch
  • Large Illuminated S/RF Meter
  • Roger Beep, 2 Stage Clarifier Control
  • Dynamic Mike Included
  • Seperate Adjustable Volume/Squelch Control
  • 4 pin mic wiring



| 12 reviews
I bought this rig about 2 years ago and the I can't find anything wrong with it. I would buy another one if I had the chance. It is a perfect radio as far as I can tell All the knobs and switches work like they are suppose to.
| 12 reviews
OK, updating my review. Got the unit back from Ranger service, took about 2 weeks, Gotta say ears are all opened up and hearing much better. Made some DX contacts no problem. Also listened to the unit from my mobile. I am running the 878 desk mike ant this is one LOUD radio when cranked up. I will rate now at 4, just because it got out with a receive issue but after the repair, I would buy it again.
| 12 reviews
Well I hate to do it, but I have to knock this unit, and my experience. Thought about a new base for a month, this was a christmas present. I went with this one because I have a HF rig and I wanted a more classical unit, but weather is important also. . Unit arrives, first thing I notice after unboxing, freq counter is not level, it is higher on one side than the other. Like it was just thrown in there. Then the unit has very poor receive. My old regency CR123B from the 70s hears better than this unit. Units that come in at s9 on my other radios barely move the needle on this one. They hear a lot, the Ranger does not. So Copper sends me to Ranger for warranty, the unit is boxed up ready to send off for repair, at my expense! I have bought here for years and will continue to do so, but this, my bigest purchase here, was not a good one....
| 12 reviews
I use it all the time on 10ssb and am...great radio.It is doing 40 wts on my w4 drake wt meter.73s de n0zna/John
| 12 reviews
Good soild radio. Strong am talker. I would buy again. I get reports being sounding strong clean and clear. This was my backup for my good ol Saturn, but now is my main radio. A real stroker swinger.

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