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Connex CX 33TLM 3

Connex CX 33TLM 3
Brand: Connex
Product Code: E00-00014
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AM/FM, Mic Gain Control
Dual MOSFET's, Built in Echo
Dimmer control
Adjustable Talk-Back
Instant Channel 19
Blue Display
6 Banks of Channels
LCD Display
Play/Stop Switch:This push switch controls the play & stop function for MP3 player
Reverse: This push switch is used to scroll down the music list or to select previous track.
Next/Forward Switch: This push button switch is used for selecting or skipping to the next track from the music list.
SD Port: Used for connecting SD card for music or photo source. USB Port: Used for connecting USB Stick for music or photo source. Meter/Auto/Photo Switch: In the meter mode, the display will indicate the strength of the signal being received, as well as the RF power output, modulation and SWR. In the photo mode, a USB stick or SD card must be plugged into the USB or SD port to use a photo for display. In auto mode, the display will toggle between a pre-selected meter and a photo in about 3 seconds.
4 pin mic wiring

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