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Sirio GainMaster Antenna

Sirio GainMaster Antenna
Brand: Sirio
Product Code: S20-05010
Price: $204.99
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7 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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The NEW GAIN MASTER by SIRIO is a high tech fiberglass base station antenna for CB and 10m amateur band. Engineered with the most advanced available technologies, it is completely manufactured in Italy with high quality materials. Completely designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximun gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth. The new design of the radiant element works like a central feeded dipole so all RF currents on the radiator are in-phase and the ground plane radials are not necessary. The coaxial coil at the bottom works like an RF choke for optimum decoupling from mast and feeding line. Made of Fiberglass telescopic tubes, it is DC Grounded for the best protection from static discharges.

Type: 0.625 wave centernfeeded vertical dipole, *FREQ. RANGE: 25.5-30MHz 400CB channel & 10 m Ham Band, *IMPEDENCE: 50 oHM, *Radiation: Omnidirectional, *Polarization: Linear Vertical, *Max. Gain on the horizon: 1-2dB higher than conventional 5/8 wave, *Max Power: 500W constant, 1,000 Short Time, Lightening Protection: All metal parts are DC grounded. The inner conductor shows DC a short.

Antenna is approximately 24 Feet Tall and will handle 500 Watts


| 7 reviews
This antenna is lightweight, easy to assemble & install. It pampers radios to a near-flat SWR through a (very) wide range of frequencies. It's performance is reflected by an astonishing low static noise & usefulness during extreme weather variations. After 3 years of use at 60' above ground and two icy/ snowy winters, I lowered the unit for preventive maintenance & inspection. Found an uncompromised structural integrity, however, I'm considering to tie 'parachute/ nylon cord' from middle of the antenna to the ground anchors, to protect against possible breakage from line-winds in this area. Despite Sirio's advise to limit power to no more than 500W, I've witnessed the Gain Master accepts peaks of 800W during extended QSO's in SSB mode. Price? I have no regrets for having waited to save the extra $$ needed to buy a quality product. The Gain Master made by Sirio is everything that an omni HF antenna should be.
| 7 reviews
Having owned both the A-99 and the I-max , I can truly say this is the best CB-10meter antenna on the market today!.

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