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Galaxy DX 2517

Galaxy DX 2517
Brand: Galaxy
Product Code: G10-00017
This product is no longer available!
14 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • New main PC board for increased stability and sensitivity
  • Five digit frequency counter
  • Two large, easy-to-read Meters
  • Meter Scales for Signal, Power Output, SWR and Modulation (AM only)
  • Variable dimmer control
  • Red/Green Transmit/Receive LED
  • Noise Filter circuit for increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • "On-Demand" switchable Talk Back circuit with Volume Control
  • +10 KHz Switch
    Noise Blanker/Automatic Noise Limiter
  • Roger Beep
  • Mic Gain, Receive Gain
  • SSB in addition to AM/FM/CW/PA
  • PA includes Echo
  • 25 watts Maximum Output Power - SSB
  • 10 watts Maximum Output Power - AM
  • Variable Output Power
  • Comes with 4 pin stock mic
  • 1.5 KHz Clarifier for Receive only
  • 5.0 KHz Clarifier for Receive and Transmit
  • Dimensions:19W x 6-1/2H x 14D (with handles)
  • 16-1/2W x 6-1/2H x 13-1/4D (handles removed)
  • Weight -- 21 pounds (Shipping weight -- 29 pounds)
  • Works with 4 pin female mic plugs
  • TWO YEAR Limited Parts and Labor Warranty


| 14 reviews
Getting ready to order me another on. I am gonna have them do all the expand align and tune it all for me.I had a c.b man to have it done but it stops the warranty but I had a great radio.their was one little problem with it when I got it the mod chip wasn't making good contact but I fixed it. That why I am going to have coppers do it for me. BUT for a plain 10w radio its one of the best and i'll be getting one soon net week.I am the spider Staion # 405 west virginia.
| 14 reviews
Amazing radio I have had mine 8 years still works amazing I run it with a 5/8 aluminum ground plane antenna 60 feet in the air I talk to UK and Ireland and France with no prob I am always told I have a clean sounding loud radio works great on sideband too I am running a D104 road devil to give it that extra kick for side band I definately recommend this radio to anyone that wants to do some serious talking without breaking the bank.
| 14 reviews
Excellent radio!!have made contacts to Italy,Germany,England ,Holland, and all over the U.S. in one week,it has out performed my Kenwood,all performed with no kicker.highly recommend this radio to all.Max 2000 antenna and this radio is all you need for an all around rig.
| 14 reviews
A great radio, out performs my hr 2510, and thats something i thought would never happen. thanks to copper and their techs. I ordered it on monday, and was talking on it wednesday...
| 14 reviews
First time buying from Copper the radio is better than I though . I had bought 2990, 2995,2517 from a so call dealers but was chop up. I should had order from copper at first I would saved a lot of money and time Thanks Again motoolmaker channel 31

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