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Texas Star DX 1600 Mobile

Texas Star DX 1600 Mobile
Brand: Texas Star
Product Code: W90-00280
Price: $965.99
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10 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 100W Input
  • 1200W Output
  • 8- 2SC2879 Transistors
  • SSB Delay

    *These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only. It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band or Amateur Radio Services in the United States. Please check regulations in your country before operating these unit.


| 10 reviews
I drove it with a cobra 29 in too a tx250 keying 20 watts swinging 1800 And before you talk smack I put trimmer caps on the output transformers Also larger combiners it kick butt I used 14.2 volts @ 130 amps 1 battery That was my hook up I used
| 10 reviews
Yes, some 1 should inform the public that they should check out their alternator on the vehicle the battery under the hood, this amp can draw up-to 180+amps. "IT TAKES POWER TO MAKE P O W E R !! AND IT WILL NEVER DO/SOUND WHAT IT COULD WITHOUT A GOOD ANTENNA
| 10 reviews
Best Transistor amp I have ever had. I am driving it with a Galaxy DX 55HP. Radio has a Dead KEY OF 3 watts and swinging 35 watts. The Amp is keying 170 watts and swinging 650 watts. That is using a 12v car battery to run the amp. Would do better using a 13.8 volt power supply. And amp was 11 meter ready when it arrived. Copper did that for free. Most places charge an additional 25.00 to do that. Great Work Copper!
| 10 reviews
Very impressed with the Amp.... Short term use as I have only had it a day now, I will say the thing is durable and is an easy KW PLUS amp requiring only about 40-45 watts of drive to peak a 1,000... I would highly recommend it, and with the use it will see, I also ordered the Fan Kit and it works equally well, circulating air like no tomorrow...
| 10 reviews
It definately walks the walk. Just make sure you can deliver the amps 'cause this baby is hungry !

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