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Astatic D104-M6B

Astatic D104-M6B
Brand: Astatic
Product Code: A70-05010
Price: $39.99

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12 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Field effect amplified mic
  • Requires 9 volt battery
  • Black with chrome screen
  • Prewired with a 4 connector


| 12 reviews
really like this microphone.I am getting raves on the quality of the modulation.thanks for coming through once again copper electronics
| 12 reviews
Ive used this mic for years and its been great until a couple of years ago. I replaced the mic with the same mic and for some stange reason it would create a feed back through my speaker. So im replacing it for the third time.
| 12 reviews
this is a great mic.i think it looks funny though.if they were to change the way it looks to something like the rk56 they would sell alot more of them.its easy to set up.its easy to tune and its a very good talking mic. it works good for mobile or base and it is a souds as good as a the big 104.the buttom is a little hard to get use to but like everything else, you have to try it before you know if you like it.i put a diode in my mic to cut down on noice and it works great.if you know someone that can set up the big ones take it to that person and tell him to kill some of the back ground noice.they will install a diode that cuts a little power but makes a huge difference in back ground noice on other end.if you do decide to get one, you will not be sorry.
| 12 reviews
Astatic D104-M6B Do I need to say more the best there is!!!
| 12 reviews
Astatic D104-M6B Grimes / 982 It is the best Astatic makes, wich meens it is the best made poired. If you want the best in hand held power this it. Enuf sead.

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