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Astatic 636L

Astatic 636L
Brand: Astatic
Product Code: A70-05016
Price: $34.99

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* Microphone Wiring 5 and 6 Pin:

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10 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Noise cancelling dynamic mic
  • Soft Lip Guard
  • 400 hm Impedence
  • Prewired with a 4pin connector

| 10 reviews
Good mic. I use it for my mobile and base. Very good reports.
| 10 reviews
This is a great mic. If you are a road king fan and just cant get it sounding right then try this 1 and your problems will be solved.
| 10 reviews
5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!! will never use another mic the chrome with my connex 4600!
| 10 reviews
I have been using the Astatic 636L noise canceling microphones for about over 5 years now. Before that it was a variety of stock mics. I could never find the perfect mic. Upon trying out my first Astatic 636L I noticed right away it is not as sensitive as an average stock mic , probably because of the excellent noise canceling capability. The lip guard basically is a marker where to position the mic in front of the mouth. You MUST press the Astatic 636L against your lips and speak. If you don't the mic will sound low, the closer to the element your mouth is the louder you get. I have heard others unhappy with this mics performance for that very reason. It also gives a more deeper punch or bassy sound to my audio, less of a high pitch airy sound like other mics. My first Astatic 636L started to wear out after 3 years of everyday use of keying and talking. Never had and issue with the wiring. The extremes of Indiana seasons, sunlight, dust and just a little cigarette smoke, like any mic took its toll on the Astatic 636L. It still works but it started to get scratchy on key ups and seemed like it lost some of its sensitivity when compared to a new Astatic 636L. Been using this mic so long I am having a hard time with the change of trying out any other top shelf mics. With its tear drop styling, solid and heavy feel and excellent sound I can't seem to turn my back on it! I give the Astatic 636L 5 of 5 stars. Lots of good mics out there and the 636L is ranked up there real high. If you choose an Astatic 636L for the mobile, even a base setup, you made an excellent choice that you should not regret. I have never heard one that I did not like on any radio that was setup properly. Cobra,Uniden,Midland,Galaxy,ConnexGeneral Lee,Rangers,RCI, Mirage, Magnum, they all sounded great and best of all did what they are designed to do. Kenny aka Hotwire #491 Readin the mail around central Indiana!
| 10 reviews
for radio emperor ts 5010

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