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Solarcon Maxoptimizier

Solarcon Maxoptimizier
Brand: Solarcon
Product Code: A65-00012
Price: $204.99
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26 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • NEW! Upgraded replacement for IMAX-2000 antenna
  • MaxOptimizer allows you to choose between a balanced 10 -11 meter antenna that will perform well in both bands or optimize the antenna for the 11 meter band.
  • To Optimize for 11 meter performance assemble the antenna with the 12” optimizer section installed between the mid and top section as a 4 piece antenna.
  • For balanced 10-11 meter performance leave out the 12” optimizer section and assemble as 3 piece antenna.
  • Antenna rated at 5000 Watts
  • Covers 26 MHz to 33.5 MHz using patented tuning rings and trimming the top
  • section; approximately twice the 2:1 SWR bandwidth as the A-99 / I-MAX 2000 (3MHz with SWR<2:1)
  • Entire antenna radiates producing a gain 1 to 2 db higher than the best of the competitors 5/8 wavelength antennas
  • Antenna tested to 5000 watts without failure
  • Mounting system provides easy one piece installation
  • Long ferrules make for a mechanically strong antenna
  • Comes in three 3-4 sections which are UPS shippable
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC shock hazard standards
  • Add the MAX GPK ground plane kit for even better performance
| 26 reviews
I like the antenna just fine but have a high swr, has anyone else had this problem and if do what did you do to correct it.
| 26 reviews
Not sure how the manufacturer achieved this, but when this antenna is used in a horizontal configuration on 27.875 MHz LSB, it will receive transmissions from interstellar space. However, the incoming signals are not decipherable and are disguised as common atmospheric static.
| 26 reviews
I've had mine up for over 10 years now. No issues what so ever. At 36 foot a top of a tobacco barn.Have talked to new zealand on it. And it will do the rated power. Would rate this a 10 for a all directional.73 s all.
| 26 reviews
Wife and I pulled antenna out of box, put it together in-less than 15 minute and SWR 1.0, talking on a RCI2950-DX with a Varmint-1000 and touching the distance of 90 miles. The 259 plug-in(bottom of antenna)is 30 foot off of ground. No Ear-kit. I-Max 2000 well-done!
| 26 reviews
I use the I-max on 10 meters and I have the ground plane kit with it. The ground plane kit doesn't work on 15-17-20 meters very well but it's absolutely the big dog on 10 meter ham. I use a Kenwood ts480hx and when the band is open it gets the job done. I dialed the tune rings up to the top and see is right where it needs to be. This is a great vertical antenna for 10 meters and is pretty tough customer on 11 meters too. Your antenna is the key part of your station. You can have really nice high end radio equipment; without a good antenna it won't work very well for you. 73 k5ewm

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