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Solarcon IMAX 2000

Solarcon IMAX 2000
Brand: Solarcon
Product Code: A65-00001
Price: $154.99
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24 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 5/8 Wave Base Antenna
  • Made out of Fiberglass
  • SWR 25.5 MHz to 28.7 MHz
  • 5/8 wavelength rad, 23 ft. long
  • Extended I-MAX center section
  • Outstanding gain
  • dbi is 5.1
  • Handles 5000 watts
  • Cb/Amateur Base Station Antenna
  • New, user friendly mounting system
  • Wide band width and high power handling capabilities


| 24 reviews
This antenna is a plug n play without any problems. You can tune with ease to suit your preference but will work on most bands with little or no adjustments. I installed without ground plane kit and still have excellent receive. Overall 5 Stars out of 5. If you need a quality antenna that is easy to set up then this one is for you.
| 24 reviews
If you want to get out and hear those long distance or weak stations this is the antenna for you.You can blow smoke with the I-MAX 2000!!Put it up and be a SKIP SHOOTER!!
| 24 reviews
Works great from 15m through the top of 10m without needing a tuner for amateur use.
| 24 reviews
Works great,got ground plane kit also.I have made contacts all over Europe,USA,Some pacific.Stands up to stoms well.It will let you talk to those weak stations that you think you cant reach.Low swr,low maintenance.Easy to install by yourself.I hear of all those people having problems with their rotors,towers ,beams etc,Put it up and forget about it and DX.
| 24 reviews
yes got my low pass filter from copper. what a filter large heavy duty i can see that this filter will last me many life times put it in line with my radio and imax 2000. work well no friends came by and complain. and i been talking for four hours. still got 1.4 swr. just like it said on the box. the picture in the copper catalog is not right. this is a great 30 mhz low pass filter for the price. thrilled. sorry the girl at copper had to put up with a deaf old man when i order it. thanks kid.

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