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7Ft Black Skipshooter Antenna

7Ft Black Skipshooter Antenna
Brand: Skipshooter
Product Code: M00-09100
Price: $38.00
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American made proven high-performance design that will withstand 3000 watts. The antenna is made from a rugged solid fiberglass core. The S7 SkipShooter antenna has a flexible braid connection that reduces the chance of breakage when the antenna contacts objects while the vehicle is in motion.

  • All SkipShooter antennas are made in America with all American made components. Each S7 antenna is wound with 20 gauge insulated wire to prevent the windings from shorting out.
  • SkipShooter antennas are the most durable wire-wound antennas on the market. The Skipshooter design with the flexible braid to eliminate breakage has been a proven performer since 1967.
  • The SkipShooter antennas are compatible with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and ATVs. All SkipShooter antennas may be used in a single antenna configuration when a metallic ground is available. All SkipShooter antennas may be used in a dual (co-phased) configuration on any vehicle made from any type of material.
  • The tuning rod on all SkipShooter antennas are easily accessible if tuning is needed.
  • The 3/8-24 threaded base is made out of brass, is plated with a shiny nickel finish, and fits all standard antenna mounts. Each antenna is covered with a water tight sleeve.
  • Top loaded antenna


| 1 reviews
I bought this as a option for when I have to go into area that I’m afraid of my predator 10k getting stolen. My first thought was that it seemed quality built. I installed it into my Tram triple mag mount and quickly tuned it. I then decided to really try it out and called a friend about 20 miles away on a base and made a contact of S-5 and my 10k did the same! Then I tried with my TS-667v amp and put about 500 watts through it and SWR stayed stable at 1.1 and antenna did not get warm. I left it on and used it about a week and I’m actually impressed by it. I would recommend it but keep in mind it is a 7’ antenna and will hit stuff.

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