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Altelicon CA-400 Cable

Altelicon CA-400 Cable
Brand: Hyperlink
Product Code: H00-02006
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Low loss cable is a high performance alternative to RG8/U (500ft.)
CommScope WBC-400, Times Microwave Systems LMR-400, Belden 9914 / 9913 / 7810 and Andrew CNT-400 coax cable.

Altelicon CA-400 is a UV resistant polyethylene lacketed high performance flexible Low Loss coaxial cable. This coaxial cable has become a "standard" of the outdoor wireless LAN and WLL industries. This lightweight cable has excellent low loss characteristics and a durable UV protected black polyethylene jacket. The Altelicon CA-400 features equal performance and mechanical characteristics to cables from CommScope, Times Microwave Systems, Belden and Andrew.

Construction Specification (Layer - Material - Diameter)

  • Inner Conductor - Copper/Aluminum - 2.74mm / 0.108in
  • Dielectric - Physical Foam Polyethylene - 7.24mm / 0.285in
  • Outer Conductor - Bonded Aluminum Foil + Tinned Copper Braid - 8.13mm / 0.320in
  • Jacket - Black Polyethylene - 10.29mm / 0.405in

    Electrical Characteristics
  • Capacitance : 77.1pF/m
  • Peak Power : 16000 watts
  • Impedance : 50ohm
  • Velocity : 85%
  • Inner Conductor DC Resistance : 2.92(Ω/km)
  • Outer Conductor DC Resistance : 5.41(Ω/km)
  • Shielding Effectiveness : > 90dB
  • Cutoff Frequency : 16.2 GHz

  • Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics
  • Min. Bend Radius : 51mm / 2.0in
  • Operating Temp. : -40C to +80C
  • Tensile Strength : 72.6kg / 160lb
  • Cable Weight : 0.099kg/m 0.068lb/ft
  • RoHS Compliant : Yes

    Attenuation and Avg. Power (20C)
    (Frequency - Attenuation dB - Avg. Power)
  • 30MHz - (2.2@100m / 0.7@100ft) - 3.30KW
  • 50MHz - (2.9@100m / 0.9@100ft) - 2.60KW
  • 150MHz - (5.0@100m / 1.5@100ft) - 1.50KW
  • 220MHz - (6.10@100m / 1.86@100ft) - 1.20KW
  • 450MHz - (8.9@100m / 2.7@100ft) - 0.83KW
  • 900MHz - (12.8@100m / 3.9@100ft) - 0.58KW
  • 1500MHz - (16.8@100m / 5.13@100ft) - 0.44KW
  • 1800MHz - (18.6@100m / 5.67@100ft) - 0.40KW
  • 2000MHz - (19.6@100m / 6.0@100ft) - 0.37KW
  • 2500MHz - (22.2@100m / 6.8@100ft) - 0.33KW
  • 5800MHz - (35.5@100m / 10.8@100ft) - 0.21KW

    CA 400 Cable can only be purchased in increments of 25ft
    It can also not be sold in anything shorter than 25 ft
    (For example 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on)
    *If service option is chosen, price includes the Amphenol PL259 Connector


| 5 reviews
This is an generic eqealvent to Times Microwave LMR-400. This is a good quality product. The difference is the center conductor is copper plated aluminum 10 guage solid wire. Which just fine. It doesn't tolerate flexing and must be secured. Good stuff. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for decades. This is a good product. 73 K5EWM.
| 5 reviews
My antenna system includes a 150' run of TMW LMR-400 to a Sirio Gainmaster and another 150' of Altelicon CA-400 to a Sirio SY 27-4. Both are colocated on the same tower. I found that interchanging the coax cables from one antenna to another do not produce any discernible changes in the strength or quality of the received signals at the radio. The individual characteristics of each antenna remained the same regardless of which cable I used. Changing from a 5-year old RG-213 to Altelicon CA-400 gave me a moderate increase in the power reaching the antenna, but the greatest benefit was a reduction in baseline (white) noise at the receiver. Thanks Copper for offering this alternative.
| 5 reviews
I run this coax on all of my equipment and it has never failed me HIGH QUALITY DURABLE WORTH EVERY PENNY! FIVE STARS ***** I have found the better the coaxthe better the unit performs!
| 5 reviews
The CA-400 is an excellent low loss cable applicable to vhf,uhf, & HF frequencies. I use this cable on 144mhz, 440mhz, & 20 thru 160M. It is a durable and a cost efficient equal to LMR-400. This cable is capable of legal limit power with minimal loss and reduces noise significantly. You will appreciate the light weight of this cable when traversing towers. Amphenol PL-239 connectors fasten easily to the UV resistant jacket. Compare the specifications of other cables and you will be impressed!
| 5 reviews
This coax cable is nothing but the very best. I bought 100 feet and had Amphenol PL-259 connectors soldered on for an IMAX 2000 in which I ordered from Copper. Nothing but high performance and wonderful SWR across the entire band.

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