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Gizmotchy 5 Element W/1500 Watt Gamma G51

Gizmotchy 5 Element W/1500 Watt Gamma G51
Brand: Gizmotchy
Product Code: M00-08006
Price: $449.99
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Sets of Elements: 5
Boom Length: 16 1/2'
DB Gain: 18
Watts: 1500
Power Multiplication: 45X
Front-to-Back Separation: 31db
Turn Radius: 12 1/2'
Surface Area: 7.0 square foot
10/11 Meter
Weight: 20 lbs
Does not come with Universal support kit

Gizmotchy beams are made to build upon. For example, you can choose to start out with a 3 element beam and then you can increase your boom length, number of elements, DB gain, etc at any point by adding one or more Gizmotchy Power Boosters. Comes with 2 gamma match one vertical and one horizontal

| 1 reviews
***** - 5-STARS A perfect legend since its inception more than 60-years ago - so well-designed, it remains nearly unchanged and very desirable into the future. I have owned many antennas over the last 40-years, previously I ran a Maco M104C, CLR2, Maco V58, Super-Scanner,yagi-made... I have never owned a better-hearing, or better-talking antenna! It is simple to assemble, and a true beauty to behold, shining in the sky above the station. It handles high-winds well and did I mention it darn-near out-talks all other stations on the air? Not a true-horizontal antenna, more of a inverted-V (better for ground radition and take-off angle). Can be run vertical, horizontal (with a switch) or both (switched) From the forest of Wisconsin - 55 - Sasquatch Radio

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