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Solarcon A99

Solarcon A99
Brand: Solarcon
Product Code: A65-00002
Price: $109.99
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24 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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18' Omni Directional Base Antenna
  • Fiberglass Base Ant., 18 ft. length
  • Operates on 10-12 Meters without Tuner, 8.2dbi
  • Handles 2000 Watts P.E.P.
  • Three Sections
  • 1/2 wave over 1/4 wave tuned antenna
| 24 reviews
I bought this antenna about 3 months ago and finally got it up in the air. I used a push-up pole, since I cannot put my tower up right now. I live in a townhouse and got permission from my landlord to let me install everything. I raised the push-up pole to around 25ft-28ft. high even though it extends to 37ft. I did not want neighbors complaining about the height. I did nothing to the Antron except hook=up the coax, and turn the RCI 2995dx on and I was talking 55 miles plus away from me.I have had nothing but good reports on this Antron. I am waiting for skip to roll in, to see if I can get out and talk to the big boys! I have had beams all my life Moonraker, 4 element Quads, Maco beams, Wilson 400 and so on. I kept all of these in case I can someday put them back up in the air, but until then I will keep using this Antron99. I would Highly recommend this Antron to anybody out here! It's simple to install with a NO hassle SWR to set! Everything already done for you from the factory.
| 24 reviews
I received my Solarcon A99 antenna today put about 60 feet it says it is already tuned for CB but I check it anyway and it was right on the money I have been talking with it most of the day hands down it is the best antenna straight out of the box I have ever owned I'm talking DX with just my radio and the Solarcon Love this baby best money spent
| 24 reviews
With my A99 mounted a half-wave (18’) off the ground, I regularly talk 70-90 miles ground wave on SSB. With a relatively high radiated take-off angle putting a lot of signal towards the Ionosphere, this antenna is a DX beast. Solar cycle 25 is going to be lots of fun with this A99.
| 24 reviews
Had one 40 years still going
| 24 reviews
For the price and especially on the ease of installation you can't beat these. I've had two and about to buy a third. The first was used for an experiment that failed and the second got taken out by an ice storm that if I'd of done needed maintenance that would not of happened. Being a ham in Oklahoma City I had talked all over the planet on that one on 10, 11, 12, 15 and 17 meters. Australia, Poland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Canada, Jamaica just to name a few as well as it's talked all over the U.S. Get it up to 40 feet or more and these work good for local com. Our Metro covers a lot of area and NO problems talking to the locals up to 25 miles on A.M. and 40 or more on side band.

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