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Anttron ADB-270-M Mobile Ant.

Anttron ADB-270-M Mobile Ant.
Brand: Anttron
Product Code: A90-00002
This product is no longer available!
1 reviews   Rating: 3/5.
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Dual Band 2 Meter/70 CM.
Magnet Mount, 3/8" X 24 Thread
Overall length 60" Long
200 Watts, UHF 140 -148 MHZ
UHF 440-450 MHZ
Gain: VHF-3Db/UHF-6Db
Magnet Mount
has 90lbs. pull on a flat surface
17 ft RG-58 A/U Cable


| 1 reviews
The 2 meter Part works great, low SWR. But on 70cm, the SWR is to high to use it, dont know if the traps bad or not.

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