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Code Quick 2000 CD Rom

Code Quick 2000 CD Rom
Product Code: BKS-05000
Price: $34.99
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The Fastest Way To Learn Morse Code


  • Even if you have tried and given up with other methods, it will work for you because it's the only one which allows you to learn code in the language part of your brain so that code becomes as easy as talking!
  • Your computer becomes a no-miss code machine.
  • Copy code like an old timer in 2 weeks!
  • Code Quick 2000 works flawlessly on Windows 95,98,ME,2000,NT or XP.
  • It lets you work on characters individually or through a paced learning system
  • It contains NINE HUNDRED-NINETY-NINE practice QSOs and an equal number of VE type tests with ten fill in questions, to cement forever the code into your language brain.

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