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Dosy TB 3001-P Inline Watt Meter

Dosy TB 3001-P Inline Watt Meter
Brand: Dosy
Product Code: D60-07056
Price: $149.99
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2 reviews   Rating: 1/5.
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    • Three 2 1/2 inch black face lighted Meters
    • Simultaneous readouts on all 3 meters
    • Measures SWR
    • Measures AM Modulation
    • Reads Peak Watts
    • Three Watt Ranges: 0 - 10, 0 - 100, and 0 - 1000
    • DOSY Text Book Architecture
  • D60-07056
| 2 reviews
I received this meter a few days ago, opened it tried it out , turn on the Light. And I was very disappointed with it, the black dial meter background was horrible, with the light on it was like looking thru paper. The wording was blurry and not sharp printing, the needles was harder to see with the light coming from behind. I took a LED light and pointed at the meter from the front side and it improved a lot, then you could see the red needles. The whole idea of the light is to show the dial meter so having the light coming from the sides and rear does not work. Also the white stamped wording on the front of the watt meter was poorly done, over all the watt meter was not good quality. Not what I expected from a Made In The USA product. China makes some better equipment. I wondered why there were no reviews about this brand of meter, now I know why!
| 2 reviews
The meters is like looking thru paper when light is on and cannot see needles, wording is terrible on the meter. White lettering on front of meter is bad not sharp, kinda sloppy. The whole unit feels and looks cheap. Maybe the white meters is better don't know. I took a led light and held it in front of the meters and it was easier to see and read. But dosy has these led lights behind the meters, not good.

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