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Dosy TC-4001 Watt Meter

Dosy TC-4001 Watt Meter
Brand: Dosy
Product Code: D60-07030
Price: $139.99
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2 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Inline watt meter, Four Ranges: 0-20W,0-200W,0-2000W,0-4000W.
4.5" Meter
Reads RMS,Peak Power, Modulation Percentage,SWR,SSB Modulation

| 2 reviews
I have had several different dosy meters they all read just a little different not by much though. I recently purchased the tc-4001 out of the box something was wrong with it, its watt meter functions were severly out of calibration. I called dosy they said it was a rare problem to have with the test center series and that if i opened it the case it would be something very easy to spot. And it turns out it was simply a small soldier bebe had was to the backside of the board bridging the contacts of a small cap. Removed solder bebe and works flawlessly input swr on 1. Confirmed by several other meters and radios all functions work as they should. Over all first opinion not perfect but i would absolutely buy this meter again. Just be Pprepared to callibrate and a quality check. However Dosy will replace or repair if needed
| 2 reviews
Bought the Dosy TC-4001 a little over a month ago. The Watt and Mod meter worked just fine, but the meter was reading a 1:2 1/2 SWR when the meter on my RCI 2970N2 was reading just 1 bar out of 8 on 27.510Mhz. On channel 20 my radio had no bars and showing completely flat SWR. The Dosy was reading 1:1.8 SWR. Hooked up a different jumper still no change. Hooked a hand held SWR meter and it showed a low SWR. Sent it back to the manufacturer and they replaced it. Still shows just a little high. The Mod meter and Watt meter are pretty accurate and would recomend this meter.

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