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Powerband RFX85HD RF Driver

Powerband RFX85HD RF Driver
Brand: EKL Components
Product Code: P03-00023
This product is no longer available!
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The RFX85HD circuit includes only the final amplier stage and low pass filter which
makes for a much quicker and easier installation. The RFX85HD is your choice for 10
meter radio repairs and upgrades when all your replacing is the final transistor or no
Both RFX85 units feature the new fan-ready heatsink design and variable bias controls
for better tuning on SSB radio installations.
Unit does not come with installation instructions 


Maximum Input: 30 watts PEP
Maximum Ouput: 100 watts PEP
Final Stage: ERF7530 MOSFET (x1)
Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage
Spurious Emission Suppression: 45 db
Supply Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Power Consumption: 12 amps max
Dimensions: 2.0 x 3.25 x 1.625 (LxWxH)

| 2 reviews
Installed on Bearcat 880 swinging to about 50 Watts originally Bearcat swinging at 20 watts pretty much doubles power
| 2 reviews
Awsome unit. Much much easier to install than the rfx75. A straight wire in. I have haD plenty of compliments when I had it hooked to my cobra 25 (with No heavy mods)

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