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ERF-2030 Transistor

ERF-2030 Transistor
Brand: EKL Components
Product Code: E20-00000
This product is no longer available!
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  • ERF-2030 is a 25* watt transistor - therefore it is not just a replacement but also an UPGRADE to the old Mitsubishi parts.
  • ERF-2030 is a mechanical drop-in replacement for the 2SC1969, 2SC2166 and 2SC2312.
  • ERF-2030 has been designed as a TO-220 package with the same pinout configuration as the 2SC1969, 2SC2166 and 2SC2312 and requires NO mechanical modifications for most installations.
  • ERF-2030 is NOT an electrical drop-in replacement for the 2SC1969, 2SC2166 and 2SC2312 because some circuit modification is required for replacement.

    *EKL Components rates the ERF-2030 at 25 watts PEP. This is a CONSERVATIVE rating! In lab tests and real world modifications, a single ERF-2030 has produced as much as 40 watts PEP. All results will vary and are solely determined by the circuit surrounding the ERF-2030.
  • No Warranty on any Parts

| 1 reviews
thay are true erf-2030 thay will do 40w+ in a cobra 29 ltd one bad thang thay heat up quick

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