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Galaxy DX 29HP 10 Meter

Galaxy DX 29HP 10 Meter
Brand: Galaxy
Product Code: G10-00001
This product is no longer available!
3 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Mic Jack in Front
Dual Mosfet Finals
BLUE meter light
BLUE Channel LED
Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output
Red/BLUE Transmit LED
Noise Blanker
Automatic Noise Limiter
PA, NO Echo Board
Talk Back
Two Power Output Levels
10 Watts FM /AM
40W AM peak power
Pre-wired for FC 347 Frequency Counter
Comes with 4 pin stock mic

Frequency Range: 28.065 to 28.505 MHz
Frequency Control: Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizer.
Frequency Tolerance: 0.005%
Frequency Stability: 0.001%
Operating Temperature: -30 ?C to +50 ?C.
Microphone: Plug-in dynamic; with push-to-talk switch and coiled cord.
Input power: 13.8V DC nominal, 15.9V max, 11.7V min.(Positive or negative ground).
Transmit: AM/FM Hi Power 10A.
Receiver: Squelched, 0.3A.
Maximum Audio output, _ 0.7A.
Size 2-3/8? (H) x 7-7/8? (W) x 9-1/4? (D).
Antenna Connector UHF, SO239
Meter:Illuminated; indicates relative output power, received signal strength.
Power output: AM/FM, - Selectable 10W/5W/
AM Peak Power 40 Watts.
Modulation: High-and low-level Class B, AM Variable capacitance FM.
Spurious Emissions: 60 dB
Frequency Response: AM and FM: 450 to 2500 Hz.
Output Impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced
Output Indicators: Meter- shows relative RF output power.
Transmit LED glows red when transmitter is in operation.
Sensitivity: AM: 0.5 mV for 10 dB (S+N)/N at greater than ? -watt of audio output.
FM: 1.0 mV for 20 dB (S+N)/N at greater than ?-watt of audio output.
Selectivity AM/FM: 6 dB @ 3 KHz, 50 dB @ 9 KHz.
Image Rejection: More than 65 dB.
IF Frequency: AM/FM: 10.695 MHz 1st IF, 455 KHz 2nd IF Adjacent-Channel
Rejection: 60 dB AM
RF Gain Control 45 dB adjustable for optimum signal reception.
Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Less than 10 dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 100,000mV.
Squelch: Adjustable; threshold less than 0.5 mV.
ANL Switch-able
Noise Blanker: RF type
Audio Output Power: 4 watts into 8 ohms.
Frequency Response: 300 to 2800 Hz.
Built-in Speaker: 8 ohms, round. or External Speaker (Not Supplied) 8 ohms; disables internal speaker when connected.


| 3 reviews
Bought this radio and I am very happy with this radio does the wattage it says and it's a great radio for skip talking I use this in my big rig and its a talker for sure
| 3 reviews
Ordered this radio on sale and have to say it is awesome! Transmit power pegs the built in meter and clarity with a ranger mike is top shelf. Have talked 10 miles in the mountains with impressive results and always get positive remarks from others I'm talking too. The peak and tune was right on target. My first Galaxy and all I can say is this thing smokes my old Cobra 29 LTD Classic.
| 3 reviews
I brought this radio and it well do 40 watts..and i found that i can put in a 10 k switch,so i installed it myself & I also peak/tune my great!! good radio for the money.I might buy another one soon. Handyman from ch #33 am from ohio.

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