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Galaxy DX 949 40 Ch Radio

Galaxy DX 949 40 Ch Radio
Brand: Galaxy
Product Code: G10-01000
This product is no longer available!
4 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Large, easy to read meter with 4 scales:
"S" meter indicates up to 60dB over S9
Variable power output control
High SWR alert LED indicator
AM, SSB and PA modes
Prewired for FC347 frequency counter
Galaxy noise filter for use on weak signals
Modulation percentage scale for use on AM,
Power scale, calibrated for AM and SSB, SWR scale
Automatic SWR circuit (no complicated calibration procedure)
Talk back circuit with N/FF switch and volume control
Roger beep woth N/FF switch and LED indication
-1.0KHz receive clarifier
Noise blanker and automatic noise limiter
3 position tone control switch
Green/red LED indicator for RX/TX
LED channel indicator
Dimmer control
Receive gain control
Mic gain control
Comes with 4 pin stock mic


| 4 reviews
Howdy y'all, I've owned a Galaxy DX 949 since they first hit the market. It is very easy to keep it sounding like a BIG Radio. I use an Astatic 636L mic to speak into a SS Whip and it damn well performs! Being an amateur, I've used Galaxy radios for well, since forever on 10 and 11 meters. Good Brand-BIG SOUND-Drives a 4 watt amp (Texas Star DX 500) with authority from the 949's wild modulation swing! 73, "Bushhawg" South Carolina
| 4 reviews
had a midland 5001z was good little radio sent for warranty replaced 2 time did not last. went to cobra 29ltd classic lasted 6 month receive not the best quit transmitting. got a galaxy dx 949 love it best radio I ever had receives great I talk two a couple of old guys they can not believe how good it works . don't waist your money on midland & cobra radios buy a galaxy.
| 4 reviews
I received my Galaxy DX 949 radio today. I've only done one thing and one thing only to my radio. I turned up the modulation (VR16) period, nothing else. That is all that was needed to suit my needs. Having said that, my radio rocks, PERIOD! Contrary to some ignorant yahoos on YouTube giving Copper a negative review, I can honestly say that in the last 25 years, and having purchased plenty from Copper, they have NEVER let me down. What else can I say about my DX 949? Well, I wish the display was blue like my DX 929 to match my Retevis RT-900D sitting next to it. Oh well, you can't always get what you want! My DX 949 was built in Vietnam in March, 2017. How new can you get? I opened it up, turned up the modulation and got a fantastic radio check. I am absolutley thrilled with my new radio. What else can I say that hasn't been already said? Thank you Copper. You Rock!
| 4 reviews
The Galaxy Dx949 40 channel AM/SSB mobile transceiver is a excellent unit as a Former A.R.R.L. Novice license holder take it from me this radio has some features that make it a real outstanding player in the citizens band world. Mainly it's circut board and when tuned within factory specifications it's modulation can be very strong and it has a excellent receiver to pull out weak stations or distant mobiles and it is Prewired for a FC 390 OR FC 347 6 digit external frequency counter which is a great option for SSB use. the adjustable AM Carrier is a great feature for adding additional equipment. I highly recommend a Turner-Telex roadking 56 microphone with this radio as it matches up very nice with the unit all in all a very good piece of equipment.

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