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Gizmotchy 3 Element W/1500 Watt Gamma G31

Gizmotchy 3 Element W/1500 Watt Gamma G31
Brand: Gizmotchy
Product Code: M00-08002
Price: $279.99
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Sets of Elements: 3,
Boom Length: 9'
DB Gain: 12,
Watts: 1500
Power Multiplication: 30X
Front-to-Back Separation: 25db
Turn Radius: 10.25'
Surface Area: 4.2 square foot
10/11 Meter
Weight: 14 lbs
Does not come with Universal support kit

Gizmotchy beams are made to build upon. For example, you can choose to start out with a 3 element beam and then you can increase your boom length, number of elements, DB gain, etc at any point by adding one or more Gizmotchy Power Boosters.

Each set of vertical/horizontal elements is counted as 1 element - so a "3 element" Gizmotchy beam actually features 9 elements. Comes with 2 gamma match one vertical and one horizontal
| 1 reviews
In 1974 I took down a 5 Element Gizmotchy and replaced it with a Moonraker 4 thinking I would burn up the airways...big mistake. The Gizmotchy had more gain and better side/rear rejection, live and learn. I later had a Gizmotchy 4 that was a good antenna as well.

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