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JCD-201M Base Microphone

JCD-201M Base Microphone
Brand: Jeil Communications
Product Code: J00-02000
Price: $129.99

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13 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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JCD-201M Base Microphone

  • Selectable for 2 sets of transceivers at once by slide switch.
    High Sensitivity Electret Condenser Microphone Element equipped.
  • High Quality Compressor Amplifier ( High - Low selectable ) built-in. It sends out constant and optimum level without distortion regardless of audio input level.
  • Equipped with FM(AM)/SSB Audio Quality Selector Switch for optimum operation. The Electret Condenser Microphone ensures clearer voice quality in FM(AM) position and better voice quality on SSB.
  • Non-Modulation Prevention Circuit built-in.
    After continuous transmitting for a few minutes, the alarm circuit will be activated with alarm
    sound for 30 seconds. Then, the condition returns to receiving mode automatically.
  • Battery-Check Circuit built-in.
    Turn the power switch on ( by selecting ''FM' or ''SSB'' position ), and the level meter indicates
    the battery condition with power voltage for a few seconds.]

  • High - 45dB
  • Low - 35dB
  • Manual

    Dual Microphone Connectors Output:
  • Output A 8 Pin Standard Microphone Plug
  • Output B 8 Pin Standard Microphone Plug
    Front panel switch controlled.

    Meter - Dual Display
  • VU (Volume Unit)
  • Battery Indicator
  • 1-1/2" H x 2" W

    Buttons :
    Output Select ~ [Out A] [Out B] [Out-Off]
    Compression Level ~ [High] [Low] [Manual]
    Manual Compression Control Knob [Minimum] ~ [Maximum]
    Mode ~ [SSB] [FM] [Battery-Check]
    Channel Control Switch ~ [Up] [Down]
    Key Controls ~ [PTT] [Lock]

    Output Voltage:
  • Amplification - 0.3mv (Lapse)
  • Variable Amplification: 0-70mv(Lapse)

    Output Resistance:
    500 W ~ 100k W

    Batteries Required:
    3 ~ AAA: Not Included
    Only one mic cord is included, additional one can be purchased


| 13 reviews
I got this mic about 2 months ago and have had nothing but good reports about it, local and long distance, just order the foot pedal today , that will made it easy for an old manlike me..
| 13 reviews
Best mic i have ever owned! Nothing but good reports from locals and long distance operaters. Love the foot pedal but the mic could use a small light over the meter. Thanks for an excellant mic.
| 13 reviews
just recieved this mike on 11-4-15 . seems really nice. still playing around with different settings.ive bought alot of mikes over the years but this one seems to punch thru better with less background interference. also came with a straight cord nice and long well worth every penny
| 13 reviews
Got my mic today and I have to say I'm shocked. I've been using a Turner+3 and a D104. I have this new JCD-201M connected to my 2950DX and my President Washington base. The cables from copper came pre-wired and worked perfectly. The shocking part is how loud the audio is with this mic. I have an am modulation monitor and the loudness is very noticeable as compared to the D104 and +3. The compression is fantastic. My wattage on SSB has increased quite noticeably with this mic. Needless to say I am VERY pleased. Both with the product and with Copper's service.
| 13 reviews
The best microphone that I have ever had, and that includes my d-104 silver eagle.

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