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Astatic D104-M6B

Astatic D104-M6B
Brand: Astatic
Product Code: A70-05010
Price: $39.99

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* Microphone Wiring 5 and 6 Pin:

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14 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Field effect amplified mic
  • Requires 9 volt battery
  • Black with chrome screen
  • Prewired with a 4 connector


| 14 reviews
great mic. had copper wire it for a rci 2985dx. sounds great and drives radio hard. only downside is the push to transmit button is tiny and digs into my thumb making it sore .
| 14 reviews
excellent mic for driving my rci 2985dx and president hr 2510. this mic rocks
| 14 reviews
I bought one of these from Copper several years ago to run on and RCI 5054 6 meter ham rig. These look exactly like a 2950 and set up much the same way. I never liked the stock mics on RCI's and this mic really brought the audio to life on that rig. The mic gain on the radio set anywhere between 11 to 1 o'clock on the knob and the knob on the mic set at about a 3 or 4 as shown on the mic and that's all you need. Great mic and think I'm going to buy another one to use on my Cobra / Uniden CB radios, can't go wrong. Excellent quality. Haven't had any problem with the push to talk switch on mine.
| 14 reviews
This M6B works good with older style radios. Got mine September this year. Using it on a 1977 President AM Zachary T radio. Good audio reports. Gives me a little more swing on the radio. That I need.
| 14 reviews
Bought this microphone in 1992 for my old orange face RCI-2950 and this microphone really makes it sing. I just bought a new M6B hand mic to go with an old HR-2510 and just like the 2950, it really brought up the audio from the stock mic. Of course, *anything* is better than a 2510 stock mic :) This microphone has an old design but it still performs great and as someone previously mentioned, it simply requires a standard 9-volt battery so you don’t have to buy a more expensive odd voltage battery the way some mic’s are designed. The old M6B hand mic from 1992 has the original black & white Astatic logo like the one pictured in Copper’s advertisement and the current M6B hand mic has a blue & red logo but both mic’s, old and new, sound exactly the same just like the one’s of yesteryear, which was a concern when I decided to buy a new one. Aside from the slightly different logo decal on the front this is the only difference. I highly recommend this microphone.

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