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Ranger TR-396FC 40 Ch Mobile

Ranger TR-396FC 40 Ch Mobile
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: E50-10016
This product is no longer available!
Built-in 6 Digit Frequency Counter — Frequency Display On/Off Switch
— 2 Digit Channel Indicator — Variable Dimmer Control
— PA/CB Switch — 2 Color Xmit/Rcv Indicator
— Advanced Noise Filter Circuit Switch — Automatic Noise Limiter / NB Switch
— Illuminated S/RF/SWR Meter — S/RF/SWR Switch
— Roger Beep Switch — Adjustable Volume/Squelch Control
— External PA Jack — External Speaker Jack
— RF Gain/SWR/Cal Switch — RF Gain Control
— Tone Switch — Clarifier Control
— Mic Gain Control — Dynamic Mike Included
— Built in Voltage Overload Protector Circuitry — Switch for Instant Access to Channel 19
— 2 Year Warranty — Fully chromed case and face
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