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President Texas Mobile CB Antenna

President Texas Mobile CB Antenna
Brand: President
Product Code: E50-10037
Price: $50.00
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1 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Type: 7/8 wave ; Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency: 26-28 MHz
  • SWR Value: 1.2/1 adjustable
  • BW / # of Channels: 2400 KHz / 240 Ch
  • Length: 83.46 inches ; Base: 3/8
| 1 reviews
I purchased a President Texas RW Antenna just to give one a shot and to see how it compares to a 102" SS Whip. The Texas is impressive as it does seem to be a bit different, receive and transmitting than what I was expecting. Signal reports were great, operators asking my working conditions and after I told them what I was using, they showed a lot of interest, asking many questions. It just made my radio seem more live; I know that sounds goofy, but it almost seemed like I had turn't on a preamp! If I just used the CB Band, this would be a great choice, actually an outstanding choice, but bandwidth wasn't allowing me to use ten meters with it and this is where the 102 SS whip plays its roll well, being broad banded enough to work both 10 and 11 meters. Thanks Copper, for excellent pricing allowing me to try one of these President Antennas out.

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