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UTB-1 Universal Talk Back Board

UTB-1 Universal Talk Back Board
Brand: RF Limited
Product Code: P03-00016
This product is no longer available!
The Universal Talk-Back Board is what the name suggests, a talkback PC board that installs into any CB or 10-Meter transceiver and produces adjustable talkback. It?s the first talkback board that incorporates an on-board audio amp. This allows talkback, which will work on all modes of communication, to be installed in any radio. This board does require more work for installation than other units, but the clear talkback is worth it. It doesn?t have a switch to turn it off, but with the talkback volume control fully counter-clockwise, the talkback level is zero. The on-board amp is a low power amplifier. To use a high power amp would be too costly and the only accomplishment would be to create louder feedback. The amp is more than sufficient for talkback purposes. In addition, a higher wattage amplifier would be larger and require more associated components, requiring a larger PC Board. With all the add-ons and with what?s in some of these radios already, for example, the Galaxy DX99V, the smaller the talkback board the better.
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