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Magnum1 10 & 12 Meter Radio

Magnum1 10  & 12 Meter Radio
Magnum1 10  & 12 Meter Radio Magnum1 10  & 12 Meter Radio
Brand: Magnum
Product Code: P03-01220
This product is no longer available!
2 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Magnum1 10  & 12 Meter Radio
Power Output: SSB  50 Watts
Power Output: FM/CW 20 Watts
Power Output: AM 1-10 Watts Average/ 50 Watts PEP
Front Panel Controls:
Echo Delay
RF Power
RF Gain
Band Selector
Talk Back/LCD Off
Scan Channel Frequency
Noise Blanker/Key Lock
Roger Beep/Key Beep
Mic Gain
General Specifications:
Power Requirements: 12-13.8 V DC, Negative Gound
Current Consumption: 9 Amps Maximum
Dimension: 7.75 X 2.25 X 10.75 Inches

| 2 reviews
If your looking to build a station with full coverage of the 10, 11, and 12 meter bands, this one is it. Rock solid frequency stability. Audio reports from this radio out perform my last radio, a Ranger 6900F150. Even with the variable power being limited to 50 watts on SSB you won't have any problem with DX. And if you boost your signal with a good quality RF amp and don't over drive, you'll have one of the better sounding radios on the band. The radio is loaded with features that may take some time to learn, but really make digging those week signals out of back ground noise a little easier. I use mine with a Wilson 5000 antenna and that really gives me some band width to play with. SWR's stay low from 27.600 down to 26.600 a full meg of coverage without an antenna tuner.
| 2 reviews
This is an excellent radio! Very pleased. Its everything it claims. Great dx and local. Sweet to look at as well. You know we all stare an our radios.

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