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Bearcat 980 W/SSB

Bearcat 980 W/SSB
Brand: Uniden
Product Code: P70-06066
Price: $129.99
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10 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Large digital S/RF/CAL/SWR meter
SSB USB/LSB, Frequency Counter
The Bearcat 980 is going ot be the only current Uniden CB radio with SSB operation.
It features a large, easy to read illuminated control panel for easy use in all lighting conditions and comes with a newly designed microphone with a ergonomic pistol grip.

40 Channel operation
Dynamic squelch control
Mic gain HI/LO button
RF gain control
Noise canceling mic with extra long cord
4-6 pin adapter available
Channel indicator
Instant channel 9/19
PA/CB switch
Backlit control knobs/buttons
Delta tune
ANL/Noise Blanking
7 color display options
Easy to read laser etched keys
Enhanced graphics
Variable talk back
Dimmer switch day/night
NOAA weather channels
Memory Scan
Antenna/RF/Voltage indicator


| 10 reviews
Out of the box into a Wilson 1000 skip NJ to Florida Georgia.............SSB is unbelievable.nothing but pleased with this radio
| 10 reviews
had radio few days real nice radio works well has cheap antenna talk about 25-30 miles
| 10 reviews
I have ran mine for about 6 months now and it is connected to a RM Italy kl203p amp and works great. Mine came stock at 3 watt dead key swinging to about 14 Watts with 70% modulation. After some tuning and a mb6 mic I now have it at 1 1/2 Watts swinging to about 12 Watts which runs my amp at a 28 watt carrier modulating to about 110 Watts. The receive is excellent and stability is on par with a RCI 2950 and the receive is amazing! My 959 has been sold and this took its place as my mobile.
| 10 reviews
I just ordered this radio from copper they did a great job on the radio works like a charm i have one in my truck and had to get one for the house thanks copper for the great radio.
| 10 reviews
The weather reception really isn't very good, like so many others I went in and adjusted the squelch to be as light as possible, it's not a squelch problem it's the sensitivity of the weather receiver. When I got the radio the mic gain was turned all the way down to one, The radio did 3 watt dead key out of the box and really didn't swing much. SSB was about 8 watts peak so get it peaked. Now for the positive things, I really like the menu system of the radio, it's easy to use. The weather alert will make you jump the first time the alert goes off, it does start out quiet and gets louder. The wireless mic is a nice touch, uniden says it will work up to 300 meters (900 feet) away and it really does! The receiver is sensitive but it also picks up noise like most modern day CB radios. The "frequency counter" isn't really a counter, it's just a display like the channel numbers are.

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