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Uniden Pro510XL

Uniden Pro510XL
Brand: Uniden
Product Code: P70-05106
Price: $64.99
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4 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • Compact Size, 4 Pin Microphone
  • S/RF Meter, Squelch Control
  • 40 Channel Mobile CB
  • TX LED Indicator, Channel Display
  • Channel Selector, Volume Control
  • ANL Switch, Mounting bracket
  • 4-1/2 W x 6-3/4 D x 1-3/8 H


| 4 reviews
The 510 is an absolute beast after a tuneup! Run it on a power supply as a base station and people will think your running some huge base radio.
| 4 reviews
Best bang for the buck in a no thrills, AM only, mobile CB today. Modulation is good out of the box and it has great receive quality. The switchable ANL is very effective. My only gripe, a close lightning strike, or power surge, may blow the IC chip that controls the squelch control. The only better radio was the Pro520XL that has the RF Gain control for $10.00 more. Still, the best you can get today, and a decent performing, no thrills, base rig as well.
| 4 reviews
Hello folks Thanks Copper for continued support through the years!!! This is is still the best little radio on the market even after the major board change here in the 2011 era. I did find that it now has an extra feature!! Although it now has a cpu doing the job of the old pll chip. You can set the turn on channel by selecting the ch. you want to use key the mic and twist the ch. selector while radio is in the tx mode and it programs the radio to come up on on that channel reguardless of where you shut it down in the regular 40 ch. Just in case you are wondering this radio is still one of my favorites!!! Strong tx & rx audio 4watts out put,excellent reciever sens. Still a great choice for the first or extra little radio. This little radio is also an excellent first hunter radio as well just add a good antenna and go. These are the only radios I have never had to adjust the audio on because the are already always at 95% right off of the shelf!!! Just in case you are wondering yes my first little 510 is still running strong as the day i got it 10+years ago. Thanks Ray
| 4 reviews
This little radio is a whale of a good little radio. I have had this radio foor over 10 years with not the first thing to complain about. audio is strong and clear on rx and tx. want to fool every one on the radio. Put a power echo mic on this little critter and have every one on the radio ask you where that monster radio come from. this radio for buck (bang) is the best in town. I know that you want to say it only has 3 knobs and 2 buttons well let me say this little radio has the heart of a giant and talks like one too. Thanks, 73 Ray KF4GYP

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