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Big Dog Kit 2K

Big Dog Kit 2K
Brand: Big Dog Kit
Product Code: BKS-06002
Price: $5.99
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Kit 2000 f/Cobra 2000,148GTL, 142, Uniden Grant XL.
We have sold these swing kits to CB shop's world wide. and they all say, that CB er's love them!
Now's your chance to get started installing them. Most CB shops charge $50.00 to $100.00 install them,
( which only takes about six minutes.)

This Big Dog Kit 2000 has been tested and proven for well over 29 years and counting! We use them in all of Our radio builds. What it does is, after you have installed The Big Dog Kit 2000, It lowers your radio's dead key and makes your radio swing to its PEAK With a PUNCH! With The Big Dog Kit 2000, you set where you want to have your dead key, and swing to your radios PEAK.
Now the PEAK depends on your radios output. So someone that has high power finals verse someone who has stock final, so after you install this swing kit, you need to re-tune your radio to peak.

This Big Dog Kit 2000 is easy to install. It will take more time taking of the lids then soldering in the part.
No more need to cutting Your mod Limiter. Detailed Instruction comes with every Big Dog Kit 2000.

Why should you install a Big Dog Kit.
Sets your radio to drive most low drive amplifiers.
Gives Your radio a loud "Beefy" sound.
Allows you to be heard better at a distance.
Cuts threw most radio carriers.
Drives amplifiers much better then the alternative of de-tuning the radio's power.
Never having to use a power mic. ever again!
Being able to say: " Your a Big Dog Now! "

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