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Big Radio Sound Echo Board

Big Radio Sound Echo Board
Brand: RF Limited
Product Code: P03-00006
This product is no longer available!
6 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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The BR-1 features a simple 3 wire installation and a micro-sized board that will fit in any mobile radio.

Now any radio can have that Big Radio Sound!

The BR-1 Big Radio Sound? echo/reverb board uses the latest technology to achieve the smoothest sounding reverb for that studio broadcast transmit audio.


  • Length: 1-3/4"
  • Width: 1-3/8"
  • Height: 1/2"
  • Control Cable: 6" w/Chrome On/Off Variable Control

  • Easy to understand 3 Wire Installation Instruction's for ALL Radios.
  • For 4-Pin: Cobra, Uniden, and RCI Brands (Galaxy,Connex, General, SuperStar, etc).
  • #1 ~ Solder the RED wire to a switched positive (+) 12VDC source inside the radio.
  • #2 ~ Solder the Shield (ground} portion of the gray coaxial cable to the Ground Pin of the microphone connector.
  • #3 ~ Solder the White (conductor) portion of the grey coaxial cable to PIN
  • #2 (Microphone Audio) of the microphone connector.

    For All Other Radio's:
  • #1 ~ RED (Power Wire) goes to a switched Positive (+) 12VDC Source inside the radio.
  • #2 ~ Black (Shield/Ground Wire) connects to Ground Pin of Microphone Connector.
  • #3 ~ White (Audio Wire) connects to Audio Pin of Mic Connector.


| 6 reviews
I just installed this in a Cobra 29LTD Classic .I am sorry to say im not as impressed with the board, The audio is not load at all i can say that the reverb is about the only thing it does have going for it. But it does have some mods for it to make the audio louder if your any good with micro stuff i know i aint going to try it, not the best but will work and its easy to install.
| 6 reviews
Easy install in my Cobra 25 Ltd. If your looking for an excellent sounding reverb board, this is it! I personally think it sounds better then the Connex boards.
| 6 reviews
good product, First echo board I ever installed.. It went right in without a hitch in just a few minutes, great echo sound without all the crazy echo, EASY installation!
| 6 reviews
i got one and i really like the sound all radio reports say it sounds great
| 6 reviews
love the unit....lots of great feed back from local truckers....easy to install......

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