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Ranger SRA 166C Speaker

Ranger SRA 166C Speaker
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: R10-10134
This product is no longer available!
4 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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A high quality speaker made of durable long lasting material with excellent audio reproduction. It has 5 LED?s in three different colors to indicate audio levels; orange LED indicates low range, red LED for mid range and green LED for high. The LED?s are directly driven by the audio signal.

| 4 reviews
i have TWO of these speakers they sound so good im buying a 3rd soon. the lights r awesome and a plus ..if you dont have one get one ....... thanx for reading.
| 4 reviews
Excellent speaker, I use it on my CB radio base and also my scanner. It works much better than the BearCat ESP 20.
| 4 reviews
This speaker impressed me I will say. It has a great tone to it "Unlike its big brother, the big square one that is tin sounding". It isnt big and bulky. The sensitivvity could be better for the lights. Over all its a winner and you wont be dissapointed.
| 4 reviews
This is an excellent external speaker. the chrome is very shiny and there is substantial weight to this little speaker. The sound is quite impressive and you can even play your iPOD through it. The LED lights on the front are quite different. The brighter the lights get, the closer/better the signal. Could be used as a base station external speaker as well as mobile. Highly recommend this product.

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