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Ranger RCI-2995DXCF

Ranger RCI-2995DXCF
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: R10-10120
Price: $759.99

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21 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 10 & 12 Meter Bands
  • New Built in Cooling Fan
  • Improved Receiver Design
  • Variable Output Power Control
  • Mic Gain
  • Active Frequency Scanner
  • Ten Programmable Frequencies
  • Programmable Repeater Split
  • Receiver Clarifier (0.5kHz)
  • Dual Panel Meters
  • Noise Blanker/ANL Circuitry
  • Frequency Selector Lockout
  • Continuous Duty Built-in AC Power Supply
  • 100 watt radio
  • 6 pin mic wiring
  • The following product is covered by a 2 Year limited warranty with Ranger


| 21 reviews
I bought one new in 2003 and had it tuned for best "swing" and modulation without clipping anything. And, I added the rear fans. I have a JoGunn flat eight beam at forty feet about seven miles from the Atlantic Ocean just north of Stuart, FL. Just running about 50 watts, I talk to nearly anyone in EU, UK and Russia and across the Pacific. Not to mention SA. Of course the beams help a whole lot but this is a really nice radio and I've never had a bit of trouble. I have three Yaesu's; FT-1000D, 2000D and 991A which I use much more since getting licensed later in 2004. I agree with other posters in that for the price of the 2995 it should have more knobs and features. But, I do believe it was made more for CBers but Ranger just made it as a 10/12 meter rig so it could easily be converted to CB use. Oh well.
| 21 reviews
love this radio. i have ham radios costing 50$ more money i prefer to use this one. i got a kenwood ts 2000 yaesu 450at icom 7300 still love this rado more
| 21 reviews
This radio rocks. Not only have I worked some European countries with it but I've managed to also make contact with extraterrestrial stations from far across our universe.
| 21 reviews
Very nice radio. Very stable on frequency. No frequency drift. plenty power and option's. Also plenty modulation. I am a license ham radio operator. The only problem I have is the price. I can get an Icom 718 100 watt radio that has more frequency coverage and option's for a $100.00 less. Usually ham radio's are a lot more expensive so I don't understand a radio with less frequency coverage and option's would cost a 100 more.
| 21 reviews
Remember, this radio is a 10/12 ham radio first. It's used extensively in CB operations with a fairly simple mod. The features it has are ham specific, and the legality of using this radio on CB is something to be considered. I'm seriously considering this radio for mobile HAM operations, but I probably won't mod it for CB use. I've used Rangers before on CB and found them to be great performers. Since CB enforcement hasn't been ratified by most states, it's unregulated and as long as not too many mods are done on the radio, yours should be a GREAT performer. Remember that if you do "klip the limiters", the radio sounds "LARGE" but also has a strong tendency to splatter to adjacent frequencies. My personal recommendation is to leave the modulation limiter intact. ENJOY this radio. It may well be the last one you'll ever need either on the 10/12 meter ham bands when legally operated, or on CB. DO add the extra cooling.

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